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  1. Where do you find the Non Game species in the regs?
  2. Fresh or Salt? Fresh I would imagine is at the bottom of page 17. For the salt...perhaps page 98?
  3. Should have specified Birds and Animals
  4. Oh sorry....didn't notice this was in Cast and Blast. My bad.
  5. Thanks Curt
  6. Politicians aren't listed, are they? I don't think they have a "vermin" category.
  7. Ferrr shame, ye Bonnie Scot! Why d'ye ken leg-hold trrraps werrre crrreated, Laddie?
  8. Nah, `s me auld gaffer, a shooglin` doon air a rrrrad

    Not even Glaswegians can understand each other!!!
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  9. Look in the category next to skunks and weasels.
  10. I liked it, Alex . . . but you're right . . . I ken'd n'errr a worrrd.

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