Looking for a 10' 5wt fly rod... suggestions?

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  1. Float tube fishing. Some comments on the board note the Redington Voyant fishes like a broomstick. May just be sarcasm, reality, an elitist or the absolute truth. Don't know. I have been looking for a used Sage 5100 but have had no luck. Regardless, if you have any recommendations on a possible used rod please offer insights. Not looking to break the bank. I have been fishing RPL's for 30 years so a really stiff technowhiz special probably isn't in the cards. Old dog that is slow on new tricks.

    Thanks !!
  2. Have you looked into those Sage euro nymphing rods? Those look awesome.
  3. I am by no means elitist when it comes to gear, I will fish what feels right to me. I have been trying out every 10'+ 5wt I have the opportunity for this year, and I really did not like the Reddington Voyant at all. I think broomstick is a fair description, particularly for something over 10'. I am looking for a 5wt that bridges the high stick and European nymphing I do, yet can lay down a dry fly when I really have to. The Sage One has come the closest from what I have used, but still isn't perfect as it is shorter still. I had to over-line the Voyant to get it to turn over a nymph rig like I wanted, and even at that, it felt beastly. I like things a lot more touchy, particularly in the 5wt range, and this felt similar to my old clunky TFO 6wt setup. It did start to cast well with a wf 6wt floating line after I got about 30-40ft out. I fished it on the Yak, and it came to life launching hoppers within inches of the bank in August, but that was over-lined and casting farther.
    I would stick it out and wait for the rod you want. I know I have seen that one come up on here in the past couple months....also check the anglers habitat trade in list.
  4. http://www.scottflyrod.com/catalog/details/A4

    A friend bought a 10' 4wt A4. Three of us floated on it's virgin voyage. We all liked the rod a lot and none of us are broom stick guys either. Would be worth a cast.
    I am building a Quickline 10' 4wt, not done yet. Everything I have seen on this line is positive. If you can build or have a friend that can would be a good option.
    I built a Sage ESN 10' 2wt for a guy. I lawn cast but was unable to fish, seemed like a really nice rod.
  5. TFO makes a nice 10' 5 wt. at $200 it's a pretty good deal. I liked my first one so much I bought another so I could rig one for sinking tip or full sinking, and the other with floating. I mostly lake fish from a kayak, and it always seemed I had the wrong set up with just one rod.
  6. Not quite 10' long but close. I cast a Sage 99 5wt fishing beads up in Alaska, and it had a nice action. They are currently on closeout at most of the shops, so you can get them at a pretty good price (for a new Sage).
  7. Huh? You want a 10 foot rod for float tube fishing?

    Ten years ago, I bought a 10' 4wt Sage XP for exactly the same purpose and ended up selling it. Here's why. If you can't cast far enough to reach a spot with a 9' rod, since you're on a lake you can always kick in closer. Plus the longer rod means that landing a fish is gonna be that much harder. Finally, longer rods are longer in the butt section not the tip, making them both heavier and stiffer.

    Was me, I'd save my money and buy a pontoon boat instead.

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  8. That was my first thought too........ The perceived advantage of having an extra 12'' of ground clearance doesn't play out. In addition to the drawbacks mentioned above, I think it would also be harder to cast in the wind. I see the longer rods having a lot more advantages for line control on rivers that for use in a float tube.....
  9. I have a TFO 10' & an Echo 10' . . . they are 6-wt, but I like them both. I broke the tip on the TFO (my fault) & had it back with a new tip in less than 2 weeks. I have some high-end rods, but these fish just fine. I prefer 9'6" max in a float tube, however.
  10. ECHO E3 5wt 10' - 349.95
  11. I have a 10' 4WT that I used for fishing out of a tube. Once. After that I never took it out again but it is dandy for river use as it mends line well with both streamers and nymph rigs. I have fished 9' rods in my 'toon and tube for years and just recently started using an 8 1/2' rod. Like Kent said, you can move the boat to easily make up any casting distance.

    A long day on the water will be an easier day with the shorter rod, about 6 hours into the day the 9' always starts to feel like a 10' to me.

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  12. For fishing long leaders, indicators and dual fly setups I love my 10' rods. My 10' 6 wt Helios is my personal favorite for such things.

    May check out the TFO BVK. I have a 10' 4 wt that I like quite a bit.
  13. I love my 11' 5wt TFO, when I am not single handing, I can put in the extension and switch it with a scandi or little Skagit. But I will admit I have not used it out of a tube or pontoon in a long while. When I did, I did not feel the length was to overwhelming to land a fish of any size.

    For short casts, 10-20 feet it is difficult to load, but the 40' and farther it casts a tight loop and will punch out a long tight loop. I would love to find an old Loomis IMX 10' 4wt, that was the rod for me! or an older western series Orvis.

  14. I dunno. I started my flyfishing on heavy-ass 7-8 wt fiberglass rods over fifty years ago, so all this newfangled graphite stuff still feels gossamer light to me...even after a full day's fishing. And given my propensity to drop and otherwise abuse flyrods, I'll be damned if I'll fish a $700 rod that I gotta shit my pants everytime it falls on the rocks. I'm a fisherman, not some poofter ballerina.
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  15. I have that same Scott. It's one of the most versatile rods I've ever owned. I do a lot of high-sticking with it, but in the winter it throws midges under a small bobber just right, and mends really well. They have a 10' 5wt A4 that's probably a dream on big water. The A4 series is medium-fast and not broomstick-like at all, and they look damn good to boot.

  16. completely agree with that.

    Out of a tube, or yak for that matter, I rarely even use 9' rods. Usually it's 8' partially because of what's listed above and partially because I just prefer shorter rods for the vast majority of my fishing.

    as for 10' 5ish weight rods, I recently picked up a 10' 3/4 from Anglers Roost (really more of a 5/6 in my hands), It's IM6 with a nice moderate action. The A.R.E. builds aren't necessarily top notch, so if that's of major concern, you can always just get the blank and have it built up. But, I really like the action on the blank and it's a fun rod to fish.
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  17. I had a chance to cast and fish a Hardy Zenith 10 foot for 5 weight in Montana this summer. It was not tip heavy, even using an Ultralite Hardy Reel (the 6000 DD, I believe, could have been the 5000 DD). Cast like a dream. Layed out line nicely for dry fly fishing and handled double nymph rigs just as well. They are pricey, around $700 for a ten footer. I didn't get the 10 foot rod, but did get a 9 foot for 4 weight and two 9 foot for 5 weights (one for me and one for my wife).
  18. I have not cast the 10' version, but agree that these are awesome rods.
  19. I have built quite a few 10' 4 and 5 wt rods for guys in pontoons (I have both a rx7 & Quickline) and float tubes. I like the single pick up and cast I get better with 10' rods and I also false cast way less with the 10'er. I like the Quickline better than the Rx7. They both cast well,but the rx7 only comes in a two piece,QL is a 4 PC and just seems lighter.

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