Looking for a 10' 5wt fly rod... suggestions?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by kurtataltos, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. I have a 10' 5wt sage rpl+ and love it. It is great for wading and line control too. I can throw a 4 inch bait fish pattern 60 or so feet easily. Good luck finding one.. you will enjoy fishing it more than just on a lake.
  2. Greys XF2 Streamflex is a good rod for the price. I like my Winston WT 10' 4wt the best, though it's no longer made in that length.
  3. Start looking for 10' 4 wts that throw a 5 wt. line and it could be an easier task!
  4. Thanks for all the comments and info ! As for the 10' length... I have been using a 10' RPL from my float tube for about 15 years so I guess it doesn't bother me excessively. Regardless, I ordered a TFO BVK, 10' 5wt from stillwaterflyshop. The price, at $225, was competitive and included my choice of a fly line up to $75. Soooooo.... a TFO BVK and a Rio Aqualux midge tip "to go" is in process. I will dutifully report back on results. Thanks again for all the perspectives !!
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  5. yep, good luck finding any RPL+ 4100/5100/6100- I have been looking for a long long time now. you might see one now and then but they go very quickly for high $$$ - very popular match fishing rods in Europe
  6. Good luck finding any Sage 10'. As previously noted, I have been using a 10' rod, 6100, for... at least 15 years, maybe closer to 20. I'm old. The rod is used but soooo nice, faded, small scratches, etc... like me, a few wrinkles. Regardless, it's been broken twice, repaired BEAUTIFULLY and quickly by Sage (a great company), but I wanted a 5wt rod. RPL 5100's, looked for 2 years. No luck. So, yea verily, I went to "the dark side" and ordered the TFO BVK. I completely rationalized the purchase based on a $225 purchase price and the "free" $75 line. If I WANTED another line, ok, fine. If I didn't NEED another line, ehhh.. questionable. But I have wanted the Rio Midge Tip because I typically fish in/near weeds in a lake depth of 6-10 feet. This fits the bill. So, if the line is 75, that means the rods price (rationalizing to the exxxxtreme here) is about $150. And you can't buy much for $150. So there's my story and I am sticking to it. For now. At this moment. Nevertheless, hello. If I find a 5100 at a garage sale I will buy it. Las Vegas odds of that happening: 100000000000000000 to 1
  7. I got a 10'6", 5/6 that rocks..
  8. Someone may have mentioned the 10' 5wt. Orvis in the classifieds section.
  9. TVO BVK 10' 5wt arrived today. I tried lawn casting with a 444SL WF5 floating line on a G1. It was a brief effort because of 25+MPH winds. Regardless, nice fit and finish on the rod, nice cork (not AAAAAAAAA perfect, but nice), reel seats very good, very reasonable balance. Not butt heavy, tip limp or a broomstick. It will.... shoot out a line. As noted, it was very windy but 70' casts were no issue. What was surprising is that the longer casts were accurate in direction, not just blasted out there in gawd knows what direction. Short casts as well. I will be fishing with it (hopefully) in about 7 days. Will report back then. As they say, "news at 11"...
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  10. IMG_0551.jpg IMG_0557.jpg It may not be 11 but there's news anyway. Today was a cold, blustery day at the 100 acre woods (aka, Davis Lake, Portola, CA). Regardless, put a G1 reel with a sink tip on the new 5wt TVO BVK and tubed on the lake. It didn't take long to catch the first fish on the new rod. The rod worked fine, no surprises. It doesn't have the total feel of an RPL (but what does...other than an RPL) but the TFO worked very well, set flies with ease, no real negatives, slung the sink tip without issue into some healthy wind. So, overall, loooooks gooood.... and the fish (among others today) is back at home and doing fine in the lake weeds...
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  11. I bought a Hardy Zenith in a 5# in a nine foot not a 10, and agree with the others who have recommended it. It is a step up.
  12. I see some love for the RPL+ here. Just an FYI, I have a 9' 6wt I'd part with. Hucks line like crazy but I'm flush with sixes now and this one is collecting dust.
  13. I've got one as well; nice rod, soft tip, good with nymphs.

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