Looking for a Fly Fishing Partner (Perferably a lady age 21-25)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by drutledg, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. I'm am looking for a fly fishing partner to fish with on the weekdays and weekends. The catch here is that I would prefer a female, however, a male would be fine too...ages 21-28. I mainly fish the Cedar River and the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie all the way up past the Dutch Miller Gap. Both rivers have produced very well, and continue to do so. I also fish mountain creeks such as Granite Creek, Taylor River, the Pratt River, and the Beckler & Foss Rivers. I am looking for a female companion to fish with and become friends. All my fishing buddies are guys and I think I could learn something from the ladies that love this sport. Thanks!
  2. eHarmony.com...?
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  3. iagree

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    are you related to frank?!
  4. Lol...Well all the ladies I'd meet on Match.com would either be into shopping for clothes or their make-up. It's a fine line here...lol.
  5. Chris, please.....

    This is getting ridiculous...
  6. I'm with Jason on this one.

    Hey rut, you're on the wrong path amigo. Do you honestly expect to find a lady in a room full of guys? Does this have anything to do with our other new member who showed up last week? Just PM her and get it over with.

    In reality though, three posts, and two of them are looking for love? :confused: C'mon man, I live in Port Angeles (Kodiak beforehand, soon to be again), I'm almost 30, and even I'm not that desperate. :D Maybe we've misconstrued your intent with this thread, but I don't reckon so. But to each his own...if'n you want to come out of the gate looking for love on a flyfishing board, good luck in your search I guess. I just don't think you're going to find much here. :beer2:

    Welcome to WFF. Now, can we get back to talking about steelhead and flylines?

  7. Mingo, you know this is your fault!
  8. It is avatar's like mine and Mingo's that give newbies the wrong impression, from now on I will change mine to a real representation of me...A 28 yr old hairy chested fat dude with a PBR in one hand and Doritos crumbs on my BELLY.

  9. I look pretty hot sporting a wig and high heels. And I guess you're good looking enough...

    But seriously. Nothing but a sausage fest in here.
  10. Maybe that isn't a problem for him....he did put an age range for male "fishing partners" as well (21-28)...

    I'm kiiding of course- don't get angry....:)
  11. Should this be moved to the classified section? :rofl: Posting here is like going to Joey’s in Bellevue and hitting on the waitress, pointless. I am in the same age bracket and I would never want my girlfriend to fish with me! I have been with her for a while and she understands what goes into fishing and she accepts that as the norm. I would recommend a laid back non-fishing gal, good luck to you!
  12. Truly funny stuff...
  13. Ya dude, She ask first, "Does and would like to fishing friend"
    Just PM
    I'm a romantic, just my .02
  15. Is there anyone on the board that is NOT looking for a hot 21-28 yr. old chick to go fly fishing with?

    Case closed.

    Meet me in the woods - heh, heh - pull the fly - heh, heh - yeah that's it, grab the rod...
  16. Alright guys, no fly fishing with a chick then. My last girlfriend fished with me all the time. We went all over and fly fished. If anything, I would WANT my girlfriend to come fishing with me. It makes for a fun time.
  17. Dude..........
  18. Meh, I'd still want to fish alone. If I had a ladyfriend, she'd be welcome to come along once in a while, but dangit, I would have taken her wine tasting, out to see that stupid movie, we took a nap on the couch, and then I went over to her friend's house for dinner all in one week. After all of this, I'm going fishing alone.

    Like I said earlier, just PM her and get it over with.
  19. PM who?? Let's close this case. It's solved. Pick up some PBR and leave the chicks at home. :)
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