Looking for a Fly Fishing Partner (Perferably a lady age 21-25)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by drutledg, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    First a request for a chick, then a male partner with an age profile and now you mention the dreadful 'PBR' ....Dude....:clown:
  2. Chris Puma

    Chris Puma hates waking up early

  3. drutledg

    drutledg Banned or Parked

    Yeah, that's right. I just need a fishing buddy. Is that too hard to ask for...apparently it is...jeez.
  4. Chris Puma

    Chris Puma hates waking up early

    jeep brah needs a fishing partner
  5. drutledg

    drutledg Banned or Parked

    Then let's hit it up. I'm serious, though. I moved to this area from Northern B.C. and am new to the area. I've fished in sparcely and am eager to get out again ;)
  6. Keith Hixson

    Keith Hixson Active Member

    I thought your post was one the most fun posts in a long time.

  7. drutledg

    drutledg Banned or Parked

    lol...thanks...i tend to lean on the heavy side of humor...
  8. kodiaksalmon

    kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

    Excellent post! :beer2:

    No, it's not. In fact, there's many threads on here looking for a fishing partner, or someone to share a ride with on the weekend. That's common.

    It's just that you roll in with your first posts looking for a girl between such and such age. All that was lacking was you mentioning long walks on the beach and puppies. You've even got a picture of you with your shirt off in your signature! Maybe that wasn't the intent with the shirtless pic, but it all added up and looked kinda funny. :rofl:

    And dudes being dudes, we had to call you on it.

    Now again, seriously welcome to WFF! :beer2:

  9. kodiaksalmon

    kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

    Are you a trooper?
  10. Porter

    Porter Active Member

  11. tythetier

    tythetier Fish Slayer

  12. Jerry Cave

    Jerry Cave New Member

    The best I can do is a 33 yr old blond. Don't tell me she's to old for a fishing partner. :eek:
  13. Be Jofus G

    Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

    While we're on the subject I'm looking for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with great boobs who owns a liquor store and a fly shop.
  14. drutledg

    drutledg Banned or Parked

    Haha...thanks Jeff. I definately can see now how it looked...well...funny...and it was. I look forward to learning lots from all you. Thanks again. WSP Rutledge
  15. rodeo11

    rodeo11 Meat chucker

    Hahaha, good stuff here on this thread.:rofl:
  16. drutledg

    drutledg Banned or Parked

    Haha, thanks a bunch. Yeah that'd be great. You definately are in that age range...although those older than 55 (like my dad) sometimes need a crutch or two to get down to the river. He's only 55.
  17. drutledg

    drutledg Banned or Parked

    Yeah Jeff I am a Washington State Patrol Trooper. Are you in the police profession? It's rewarding work, and we're currently hiring right now.
  18. Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

    I laughed when I read this. I was lambasted when I joined the boards too. Mercilessly attacked by a school of resident wff e-fishermen which happen to be the dominant species here in our local wff watersheds.

    Good read well worth the time.

    Send me a PM if you head up towards the Stilly or farther north.
  19. Citori

    Citori Piscatorial Engineer

    Wow, a horny canuck looking for a chick to "fish" with. There's a surprise.

    We all had to go through the initiation, some of us still are... Welcome to WFF...

    I want you all to note that I did NOT suggest he just find one he liked the looks of, pull her over, and ask her if she liked to fish or would rather get a ticket....
  20. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    This is like an SNL skit. You went from the shirtless pic to the "state trooper" angle? What's next, high school football stats and pics?

    Welcome to the board,

    North Carolina State Salesman Baker

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