Looking for a Fly Fishing Partner (Perferably a lady age 21-25)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by drutledg, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Well I wish you a ton of luck-
    I (a girl) got my boyfriend into flyfishing a few years ago and as it turned out-it is one of the best times we have together-the cool part is you can spend "time" together but your upriver or down river from each other so you don't really have to talk to each other unless necessary but at the same time your sharing ( I know some of you guys are getting grossed out) some great fun. You can also do it at your own speed and skill level and everyone has fun-unlike skiing where you have to be close to the same skill level to ski together-or climbing or cycling for that matter. I think that fishing with your girlfriend or boyfrind-husband or wife is a fantstic way to end a long day at work or spend a great weekend.
  2. Exactly. Haha, that's right guys. Well hopefully Linnea and I can hook up with some EHC's and hit the Middle Fork for an evening bite...it's around 425...supreme. By the way, thanks to the person who alerted me to the other lady who was looking for a partner. It seems to me to be a fun way to enjoy the sport and still enjoy eachother's company. Trooper DRUT -- I always got your back.
  3. What a hilarious thread!

    At first I wasn't sure. But now I'm pretty convinced that you really are WSP, and you were sincere in looking for a, ahem, "fishing" partner, and kinda got gaffled for it, because it was so trollish. But then again, I'm really naive.

    So welcome on board, if you're real.

    BTW, how do you feel about vigilante justice for car prowlers? ;)

    Well, actually I'm serious. :rofl:
  4. Thanks. I know it's quite a comical thread. Car prowlers really do put a lot of fear in people and limit tourist activities in many parts of our district. I for one have dealt with car prowlers in a non-combative, instuctional way -- that is taking a thrashing from me and then getting stuffed into the trunck of the Tahoe...no...just kidding, but in all seriousness...it is a big issue and I understand the need for more enforcement...we just don't have the funding...
  5. Cool. You got some big cojones to put that on a public forum, even if you did try to mitigate it with the "just kidding".

    How's the MF been fishing up at Dutch Miller Gap? My favorite spot is just past Box Canyon Creek, where the trail comes close to the river, just past some huge glacial erratics (HUGE boulders) on the trail over the bridge.

    Man, I really want to get back up there, because it's nice country. :thumb:
  6. I'd invite you to go fishing, but sometimes, y'know, I like to make up a little time on the way to the river, and it's hard enough to avoid the troopers without toting one around with me. It wouldn't do to have someone writing me speeding tickets from the back seat...

  7. Sweetie, he ain't gonna be in the back seat.

    Unless you let him. :eek: :eek:
  8. This seems like an opportune time for the annual reminder that Junebug is NOT a girl's name.
  9. I wasn't assuming you were female. Just being my normal A-hole self.......
  10. Haha...this thread has been hilarious today. I'm glad I started it all off with my first official post on WFF. I love this site and you guys are freakin hilarious. As far as the DMG goes...I haven't been up there this year, but am going to be up there in mid August to fish some nice holes that I actually got some brown trout out of early this year (they must have snuck down from the source of the MF or adjoining creek)...I am thinking about the MF around Mt. Si road tomorrow...Would that be a good idea?? I don't wanna head to far.
  11. SWM looking for NSA topwater action!
  12. You must be a relatively new state employee. Eventually you'll change your requirements to old, wealthy, and in poor health.
  13. lol...yeah probably. i moved from canada to the usa and enjoy police work here even more. b.c had some great trout streams though. "Keep it Legal"
  14. Maybe what you mean is: "Pick up some PBR and the chicks will leave themselves at home"

    Dear cupid, I think you're a poser. REAL cupid would have known I don't make the age cut.

    What is an EHC??
    425 what?
    Just when I thought I was finally understanding things they throw more terms out there! Does there happen to be a "dictionary" function on this forum?
  15. I've thought about creating a WAFFipedia section to keep track of all the acronyms folks toss around. EHC stands for Elk Hair Caddis, I think I basically learned how to fish on that fly, first fly I tied en-masse to.

    As for meeting folks through WAFF, some of my favorite people I fish with have been because of the board. You should consider checking if your local fly shop has a group outing coming up to. It's a good opportunity to meet shop regulars and fish some new water with folks who have lots of helpful advice.
  16. Well for crying out loud, I go to work for a few hours, and come home to find Super Trooper doing pretty well for him self in the fishing partner department, getting to know Linnea and all. And here we all thought he was barking up the wrong tree. I guess his shirtless signature worked! And here I am destitutely lonely out in Port Angeles at 1 AM surfing the net!

    So I figured I'd give it a shot myself! So here goes-

    Hey y'all! I'm looking for a fishing partner that has to be a female between the ages of 18 and 78. I'm not new to the area, but I'm still a resident of Alaska, so I'd still like someone to show me around. I've got a cute puppy, and I enjoy quiet sunsets. I've even got a picture of me shirtless looking all whistfull and pouty, complete with WFF hat! I can provide pictures of the dog too if you like....


    What do y'all think? Any takers?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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  17. That was a joke, in case anyone was wondering.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  18. That is so funny!! If that is really you then the fly "ink porn" kicks ass!!!!
  19. KodiakSalmon,

    Why are you wasting your time on here? With a mug like that you could be reelin' the gals in down at Crazyfish or Castaways! I would steer clear of Oh G's though, I always find trouble there!

  20. This is so funny, I almost forgot to go to work this morning.
    Keep up the humor.
    I would like to hear a report on how the fishing was on the Middle Fork when ya get a chance.
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