Looking for a Fly Fishing Partner (Perferably a lady age 21-25)

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by drutledg, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Haha...I'm actually laughing so hard right now I'm almost crying. I already have a wild sense of humor but you guys just keep adding to it...I'm back from a rowdy night of bar fights in Maple Valley -- surprise, surprise, and trying to get some shut eye now. When I return to this board, I'll probably read, "And there goes Trooper RUT, he's wading...wading a little more...trying to get to that great honey hole...a little more RUT...wade some more...whoomp...he slips, falls in and floats the whole damn middle fork only to fall over the falls after all 3 forks converge..." This is a hilarious thread that is laced with humor, whit, and best of all blended class. I love it! Take Care all!
  2. Bippidy Bobbidy give me the Zoppidy...It's the Mariners vs. the Jays. I think I'll eat some doughnuts and crack open a beer. My woman is out shopping. Any suggestions on how I could possibly get her out on the water? I've tried the airmattress float thing...it didn't turn out too well when I told her to meet me 15 miles downstream...cell phone rings..."honey can you come pick me up...I'm at the base of a mini 20 foot falls..." I replied..."Sorry hunny...I'm tying on my yellow stimulator..." She replies, "Get down here now." I belined it to the car and that was that.
  3. I've been gone a few days and returned to find this. In 100 and something posts you changed your signiture picture and signiture itself. I read the first page and could not beleive my eyes. I'm going to save myself some sanity and stop there. As a fellow law enforcement officer, I'm liitle worried about what's going on over there in Washington:eek: In other words--- Obey the speed limit people; you don't want to get pulled over by this guy;)
  4. Actually read the whole thread...it gets ridiculously hilarious thanks to the fellow WFF members.
  5. I'm just given you shit, which it looks like you can take and give. In other words... welcome to the forum-- it looks like you'll last.
  6. so after reading this for the past two days and honestly wishing you good luck on finding a "fishing partner"- you then say you have a girlfriend and your not looking for that "type" of fishing partner EVEN THOUGH your headline read "Looking for a Fly Fishing Partner-lady between 21-25". You are now asking how to get your girlfriend on the water-come on dude-you don't need a fishing partner-you need a kick in the butt from your girlfriend. Seriously this has all been very funny-and really sad at the same time-If you are just trying to make your girlfriend jealous by advertising for a girl to go fishing with-good luck-but the way to get your girlfriend into fishing isn't by pissing her off...trust me.
  7. Haha...she's already pissed at me anyways. I have to work again tonight for 10 hours then fish all day tomorrow. I really don't think the relationship is going to work...I just need a female fly fishing partner...I'm well on my way. Peace.
  8. just wanted to post in the thread
  9. oh I have no doubt you are on your way:) have a safe night.
  10. Likewise!
  11. Big Stick?

    C'mon now brothers.... Somebody here has to understand my post!
  12. how is thread at almost 4,000 views? wow...i might run for president.
  13. Trooper Rut's new girl!
  14. hey I get to post on this stupid fricken thread too!!!!!
  15. That is outrageous! How in the hell did you do that? Editing software or something. This is certainly getting out of control...she's cute though, you'd have to admit!
  16. Seven pages and no one recommended the Goddess to him.
    Well here you go Rut, you two look so happy together!

  17. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Bwa ha ha ha! I love that one!
  18. Nothing like a after dinner laugh. Go Rut Go
  19. Must.... stop.... reading.... Must .... stop... reading....
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