Looking for Mrs.Trout on Xmas advice...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jacksonholes, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I wont go into long detail about how i arrived in the northwest for this holiday season but im a fly fishing guide from jackson hole, wy if you couldnt guess. The last few years after our long summer seasons i like to take a month off or two and just car camp, go small river town to river town and fly fish everyday. This trip started in the end of October and i headed south to the Colorados Arkansas, rio grande, and into Arizona and new mexico. after making my way into southern cali i was going to stop and return home when a once in a lifetime trip happened and i will be headed to Patagonia soon for a few months, but i had an extra few weeks in the states so i just kept heading north.

    This week im in olympia. Tomorrow is my last day in the area to find some water. I no people dont like to drop advice online for the world too see, but im in town for 1 day, if you wouldnt mind messaging me your honey hole of a stretch of river around here i would be ever grateful, it wont get spoken of, and ill never be back. Fishing has slowed down the last few weeks and all i want for xmas is the river, a trout, and a great send off.

    I understand its all about the steelies here, but i only have my 5 weight, and am looking to just nympth and streamer it up for a relaxing day. I dont need big fish, i just need hungry fish.

    Anyways im in olympia and am willing to drive 3-4 hours in any direction to get too this water. I also drive a jetta so watch out for snow where ever you send me, and will be camping outside, i have great gear, but im not looking to get stuck up in the mountains. Even if you shoot me some river names in a message i can do my own research.

    Merry xmas, and may the lines stay tight in 2014!
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    This time of year I would check out the Yakima near Ellensburg, or, the Deschutes near Maupin (barely within 4 hours). You will have to go over Snoqualmie Pass to get to the Yak, but I'm guessing it is pretty clear right now. The Deschutes can be reached without going over a mountain pass via I-84 to The Dalles and Hwy 197 to Maupin. Rocky Ford is also an option.
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    You could hit the Yakima and then hit central Oregon on the way back to Wyoming. Maybe fish the Green after that. Jealous! Stay safe.
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    This time of year... Rocky Ford or maybe Yakima river. I know nothing about fishing west of the cascades. The op may be an option....