Looking for Mrs.Trout on Xmas advice...

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  1. Hey guys, I wont go into long detail about how i arrived in the northwest for this holiday season but im a fly fishing guide from jackson hole, wy if you couldnt guess. The last few years after our long summer seasons i like to take a month off or two and just car camp, go small river town to river town and fly fish everyday. This trip started in the end of October and i headed south to the Colorados Arkansas, rio grande, and into Arizona and new mexico. after making my way into southern cali i was going to stop and return home when a once in a lifetime trip happened and i will be headed to Patagonia soon for a few months, but i had an extra few weeks in the states so i just kept heading north.

    This week im in olympia. Tomorrow is my last day in the area to find some water. I no people dont like to drop advice online for the world too see, but im in town for 1 day, if you wouldnt mind messaging me your honey hole of a stretch of river around here i would be ever grateful, it wont get spoken of, and ill never be back. Fishing has slowed down the last few weeks and all i want for xmas is the river, a trout, and a great send off.

    I understand its all about the steelies here, but i only have my 5 weight, and am looking to just nympth and streamer it up for a relaxing day. I dont need big fish, i just need hungry fish.

    Anyways im in olympia and am willing to drive 3-4 hours in any direction to get too this water. I also drive a jetta so watch out for snow where ever you send me, and will be camping outside, i have great gear, but im not looking to get stuck up in the mountains. Even if you shoot me some river names in a message i can do my own research.

    Merry xmas, and may the lines stay tight in 2014!
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  2. This time of year I would check out the Yakima near Ellensburg, or, the Deschutes near Maupin (barely within 4 hours). You will have to go over Snoqualmie Pass to get to the Yak, but I'm guessing it is pretty clear right now. The Deschutes can be reached without going over a mountain pass via I-84 to The Dalles and Hwy 197 to Maupin. Rocky Ford is also an option.
  3. You could hit the Yakima and then hit central Oregon on the way back to Wyoming. Maybe fish the Green after that. Jealous! Stay safe.
  4. This time of year... Rocky Ford or maybe Yakima river. I know nothing about fishing west of the cascades. The op may be an option....

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