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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Chris Selvar, May 15, 2013.

  1. LMAO!!!!
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  2. If you were only fishing lakes, I recommend a SuperCat. They were originally made for backpacking so are compact and extremely well designed. The pontoons do not include bladders but are made of rubber raft material.

    A rowing frame is available as an option.

    I've used mine on a few slow moving rivers with no problem but they are not designed for heavy river use.

    Otherwise... five of us bought our SuperCats over 20 years ago when the company first started selling the product and every single one of us really like the pontoon boat as a smaller option if you don't plan to use it mostly on rivers.
  3. Why you laugh James? Care to elaborate??? :)
  4. Can we respect the thread originators request for information and take the confrontational bullshit into a conversation.

    My PAC-800, PAC-9000, Avenger XX and custom NRS with 14' Maxxons are or were all great pontoon platforms for lakes and rivers up to design and rower skill limitations. I have friends with darn near all types. Bucks, Skookum, Scadden, Aire, Outcast and knock offs. Within any budget there is a boat for you.

    Please kindly proceed with helping our new member with the question at hand.

    Sevlar, if you have design or customer service questions about any boat companies that I listed as ones I've had, I'd be delighted to assist with more info.
  5. Apologies Ed, but he also asked a follow up question…


    Yes it is. I would pay more attention to the comments made by the common folk (good and bad), vice the comments of a guide who’s “friendship with Dave was long before the boats.”

    My experience with Scadden convinced me to buy a Watermaster. If you want a pontoon, I’d seriously consider Kerry’s classified. Make sure to chat him up if you do, he's a cool dude.
  6. Absolutely. Good call pH. Don't listen to a guide that is a friend of Dave's just because I've been using these boats for 15 years with no issue, but to someone whom has never even tried one. I think of many of you here as friends as well, yet I have never met. But Ed likes your comment too.
  7. I like many things, civility especially. I like many boats, suggestions to listen to a variety of sources and using the classifieds to recycle other boats. Don't forget that I currently own two of Dave's boats and enjoy them. I also have had errors with those orders. Wrong standard oars, a third oar that was not matched to the other two and forgetting scadden branded accessories.

    Love the boats, went in eyes wide open. I have my opinion as you have yours. Like it or ignore it, your call.
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  8. I have sent you a PM
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  9. Must be nice to be able to stop by their office. I tried that as I was driving through the area and was told firmly that I couldn't.
  10. This thread is going full retard
  11. This one has served me faithfully for close to twenty years.

    At the lake:


    During a five-day river float:


    If I didn't already have two of these, the one Kerry has for sale would be in my garage by dark.
  12. After having a few pontoons, the Buck's Bronco Xtreme I have now is by far my favorite. If I was looking for a boat right now I'd buy the Xtreme in the classifieds.
  13. I'll settle it once and for all DAMNT!!! I have a NFO Renegade, I like my boat, I've had a few problems, and guess what NFO has come through pretty well. Sometimes their "stock" isn't ideally what it should be, but those have all been accessories, e.g. boat bag, and side bags. Things that don't really relate to safety of rowing. I did have one of the oar locks mounts break, talked to Derrick, and guess what I had 2 new mounts within a week. Easy fix, and guess what, I'm working on creating a custom more solid mount for them. People like to bitch as a result of experience. I never felt "burned" by Dave. Do I think some of the "claims" of the capabilities may be a bit exaggerated? Yes. But overall I'm happy I got my boat, maybe an Assault would be nice down the road. Good luck with your decision. ALSO if you go with a boat with short oars, have 'em lengthened for big water. You'll be happy you did.
  14. My comments, while longwinded, were strictly in response to someone saying all the company issues are just internet bs or rumors passed from a friend of a friend or supplier issues. BS!!! I've stayed off this forum for quite a while since my participation can be a bit inflammatory. They may be the best boats on the planet but potential buyers might want to go into this with eyes wide open like Ed Call stated. Hell, I may still purchase a boat or 2 from them but I'm going to make sure it's not an order right before a planned trip. And I'll do it thru a 3rd party so I don't have to keep checking in every week or so to ask whether it's been shipped, ordered, or whatever else it was that took months only to find out they don't really have that boat at all. (Edit 1: No, I won't. Other companies have earned a repeat customer). Yes, I was shined on for months and many many personal emails and phone calls being told there was no problem. I wasn't in a hurry, just wanted a particular boat. I sat back and waited because my purchase wasn't urgent in any way. When the responses stopped, and I had to push a bit, I found out it wasn't going to happen and I should consider a different boat. This happened on 2 occasions separated by about 5-6 years. Both times the excuses were that he made a mistake, there was "an oversight", invoice/PO wasn't even filled out (this is after we'd discussed this boat a couple times and he knew who I was and exactly what I wanted and the order had been placed), moved on to employee issues as the excuse, then the responses just stopped..... After the first failed purchase attempt I thought I'd try again as "shit happens" and maybe it was just a fluke. Nope. Same exact scenario played out. The guy didn't give a F. The negotiations were great because the offers to throw this in or that in were his way of shining me on. I didn't care to take him up on the "extras" because I just wanted a simple, standard order. But, as soon as I was off the phone or email was responded to I was out of sight and out of mind. Hell of a salesman, though. Used cars might just be a better fit. Ended up buying a Skookum Osprey from Bill Day. That transaction wasn't seemless because he was going thru a transition period but told me that straight out. Order took a few weeks, but I got what I wanted. Great guy running a small business in an industry being undercut by overseas garbage. I can understand those issues. I didn't mind the wait, and wouldn't have minded the wait from NFO, if I didn't feel the entire time like I was dealing with a used car salesman. Poor customer service starts at the top. Sure, employees can cause a bad experience or two but get dealt with by the owner. Continued lousy customer service is a direct reflection of the business owner. Excuses need go no further than there. Personally, I've had to take the heat on quite a few occasions for stuff my employees did but never used them as an excuse. It IS 100% my responsibility and I take full credit for any issues or oversights. Accountability is a word that comes to mind ;)

    Ed didn't get the right oars, other person doesn't receive their pump....... blah, blah, etc, etc. How hard is it to match a Purchase Order up against an outgoing order.....? Not difficult at all. (Edit 2: You can blame suppliers for issues if you'd like but those reasons start sounding like excuses if used often enough). If Starbucks got your order wrong 3 out of 4 times, would you keep going back?

    Also, in response to the original poster. For the uses he stated, the boats I recommended would work extremely well. That Bronco would give many years of use at a price that is really hard to beat for a good boat. I wouldn't consider a Buck's for what I do, but my experience has led me down a path of upgrading close to 6 times to finally find the boat that works extremely well but still isn't perfect. There is no single boat that will do it all. Pretty much why I have more than just 1. I'd go big the first time. 10' boat like a Pac1000, Skookum Osprey, WaterMaster Kodiak, etc. If you're in decent condition, kicking a 10' pontoon/kickboat really isn't hard. Bring the oars just in case. Or, buy an used NFO from someone on this forum. I'm sure you'll get a great boat AND you'll know what you're getting in the deal.

    Mods can delete this or park me if they see fit. I just think people should know what they're getting into. Having someone dismiss away all the talk as just rumors or whatever is very disingenuous. Especially if you try to come across as some anonymous satisfied customer and not someone who has a personal relationship with the owner AND lives in the vicinity of the business. At least people now know who their biggest supporter is. If anything I said is untrue, feel free to call me on it. If not............. well, then there's probably no need to respond.

    Sorry for the rant. Had a good weekend fishing smallies on the Snake!

  15. For what it's worth;
    I went in "eyes wide open" when I ordered my NFO Scadden Renegade earlier this spring, knowing things could get delayed based on others experiences. I narrowed my search down to that boat for a variety of reasons, so I took a chance on it.
    It arrived within one week without the anchor release which I'd also ordered for it. That was back ordered, but it arrived several weeks later - which was fine with me.
    I'm really happy with the Renegade , and thought my experience might help to balance this thread a little, and hopefully be of some help to the original poster.
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  16. There's a reason every thread which mentions that brand of boat turns into huge sh*t storm. That alone should tell you all you need to know.

    I'll throw out another endorsement for Bucks. Have had my South Fork for 13 years, with probably over a thousand river/lake hours which included flying out of a pickup at 60 mph, and still going strong. Only issue was a leaking valve which was fixed and returned within 1 week free of charge.
  17. Why do you think you never read threads like this about Bucks Bags, Outcast or Watermaster boats? It's simple: When you buy one of their boats there's no drama, no screw-ups and no finger-pointing. Pretty boring, eh?

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