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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by herefishynm, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Would like to find either a blank or rod. Dan Craft Sig III 8' 4 wt.
  2. Still looking
  3. I apologize if this is a silly question, but have you talked to Dan or are you looking for a deal on something used? Dan is great and easy to visit with if you haven't contacted him directly.
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  4. Yes, I did contact him, and I guess he is discontinuing the Five Rivers - just has a few models.
  5. That's terrible news.
  6. Yeah that is to bad. Is he bringing out a new line?
  7. No, No, don't take that literally - it was a year or two ago that I contacted him and it was the Signature III that I wanted - just got the impression that he had no more of them than what was on his website, and I really wasn't interested in the Sig V - I may have gone too far with drawing the conclusion about the whole 5 rivers line.
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