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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ken Swartz, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. troutguy is asking for some help locating a certain wading staff.Several years ago (5-10) my late brother purchased a 3-piece green metal wading staff. It has a large what may be walnut knob on the top, a black nylon webbed wrist loop, black foam covers the top section 8" long. The sections screw together. It has in a 21" long black nylon bag with a belt loop and a shoulder strap. I believe it had interchangable tips, one rubber and one pointed. Both tips are now lost and I would like to replace them as well as possibly buy 1-2 more staffs. The only identifing mark I can see on it is a sticker that says "Tracks, 5469 Guide Meridian, Bellingham Washington 98266". I have done a yellow pages web search as well as contacted 411 and Tracks, or any sporting goods store, does not appear with this address. If there is any information that anyone could furnish me regarding this wading staff and where I can purchase replaceement tips, I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. Ken Swartz, Readington N.J. sometimes fishing the West Branch of the Delaware River near Handcock, N.Y.
  2. R.E.I in Seattle should be able to fix you up. I have a similar staff i use for hiking. I got it at R.E.I Check online at www.rei.com typically you can find that stuff in the discounts section and outlet.
  3. I might add that REI can sometimes make parts for those kinds of items. I once bent a tent pole and they made me a new one even though they did not carry the brand.

  4. I agree regarding REI- I used to know a Ken Swartz who lived back east-

    Mike Metzman

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