Looks like one retailer's finally had enough of being undercut by Costco...

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  1. Got an email from Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters in San Francisco that they are liquidating all their Sage rods and will no longer do business with the company b/c they can't compete with Costco. I'm not trying to open up a debate here (it's already been discussed at length several times over), but if want 30% off a new Sage ONE I suggest you get on it:

  2. Just got the same email, pictured below. Leland_Patagonia_Eblast_copy_2_11.2.jpg
  3. Though I am not surprised this happened I am kind of surprised how Leland is putting it out there. They are basically shitting on the Sage name and burning that bridge. I cant imagine it will endear them to any other rod manufacturers either.
  4. Sometimes you have to dump a little tea into the harbor.
  5. I thought it was established that a third party mislead Sage as to their intent when purchasing the rods from Sage and sold them "under the table" to Costco?

    Was that Sage just blowing smoke? If so, the fly shop owner has a point.

  6. I heard Leland as a whole is going out of business. Sounds like it could be a drowning rat biting as it sinks.
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  7. Leland must not need them as much as they think Sage needs Leland, or is it the other way around?
  8. Maybe this is an opportunity for Leland to focus on promoting its own brand (Red Truck)?
  9. They named their rods "Red Truck"? Well, that is just unacceptable. I wouldn't buy one purely because of the dumb name.
    Sounds like something Walmart would sell :)
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  10. GAT, I had the same thought about the "Red Truck" name and I've owned 4 red trucks. Great color for a truck but not the best name for a quality fly rod.
  11. I'm glad to see them doing this, really I am surprised that it has taken this long for a seller to drop them and make it public.
  12. Not trying to open another debate, but there are a lot of fly rods out there that are almost as good as Sage, but cost way less. Like my Ross rods. I don't think they are burning a bridge as much as building other bridges to other manufacturers.
  13. That add by Leland is missleading and not accurate and just plain dishonest....Sage did not and has never sold to Costco. It was Costco intercepting a shipment due to someone else that probably did not have the money. Costco does it all the time with many different commodities and they are well known for it and have been sued several times for it. I also know for a fact that at times Sage has gone into Costco and actually bought all the rods themselves to get them off the shelves.
    Lets not forget Sage is a very good company, makes great rods and does a lot for the flyfishing industry...
  14. Keep piling on the hate.... for a Washington company..... on a Washington fly fishing board.

    They've apologized profusely for losing track of inventory to Costco. Costco has a long history of working with seedy suppliers to get their hands on products they're not given permission to sell.

    Sage is a great local company that is an undeniable leader in fly rod technology for decades. Leland can do whatever they want, but this is stupid business move.
  15. I dont know about that, if one of my distributors blew up on and publicly outed another vendor I would probably dump them first chance I had or not renew their contract when it was up.

  16. Keep in mind too that it is Costco policy that everything EVERYTHING is marked up 15% no matter what PERIOD this is confirmed by the corporate headquarters as my brother was gutsy enough to ask. The problem is not Costco it is the vendor selling the merchandise to Costco. Costco is just looking for the best deal, like all of us do.
  17. I have to agree, don't patronize big companies for over priced manufactured rods, or big box stores that are clearly in it for the profit. Have a custom rod built to your specs by one of the independent experts such as Meiser, Anderson, Burkhiemer etc. same or less cost and built by a fisherman that actually uses the same rods, not a mass produced manufactured rod. Keeps the small shop owner in business and allows us someone to chat with and get expert advice from.

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  18. I don't think anyone's debating that. I simply wanted to make the WFF populous aware of recent actions taken by a retailer in response to competition with Costco (regardless of the source of the rods - 3rd party or direct source), and mention that a deal on a new rod might be in your future. I can't afford it (even with 30% off), but perhaps someone here could benefit.
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  19. If anything - all this confirms is that Leland won't be seeing a dime from my wallet.

    Too much time on the casting ponds instead of the rivers for those san francisco boys....
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  20. What Costco is doing is called grey market and it is a common practice in retail. The retailer (Costco in this case) buys a large amount of product from a diverter (typically an official retailer or distributor looking to turn the inventory quickly).

    While not illegal it tends to piss of the official distributors (like Leland). This happened at a company I worked for. Costco bought a large amount of our product from a distributor who was supposed to be exporting the products to Japan. Our company ended up going into Costco and buying out all the inventory to protect the relationships we had with all our official retailers.

    Too bad this happened to Sage, they are a good local company
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