Loomis NRX Salmon & Steelhead Rods

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    Has anyone fished with these rods? I'm not talking about the NRX, which I've seen reviewed a number of times. I talking specifically about these rods:
    G Loomis NRX Salmon & Steelhead Fly Rods
    I have a Loomis GLX Native Run 10'8 weight. I felt it was more of a Steelhead rod rather than a King Salmon rod. So I've bought a couple of others since this purchase, including a 9 weight Sage ONE, which is a powerful beaut. This Native Run just didn't seem to have the guts to turn fish (Kings) to me. It is a fine casting rod, and a nice 8 weight Steelhead rod, but not a rod I'm in love with for Kings - hence the 9 weight ONE.
    BUT, I'm intrigued with this NRX technology and the fact that this rod appears on paper to have more backbone than the GLX. And I can buy a 10' 9 weight as a specialty rod for nymphing 25# Kings, which I do with regularity when targeting them.
    Any thoughts are appreciated. There is not much out there on these that I've found.
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    I'd move up to a 10-weight. I've used single hand rods of that weight a lot for chinooks and winter steelhead. It's a powerful, long-casting rod weight, but quite manageable as to weight. (BTW, have you noticed that 9 and 11-weight rods are getting hard to find?)
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    I've kicked around a 10 weight. I've kicked around a switch as a single hander. What I like about the little I have read is the NRX 10' 9 weight is it is light. A 10 weight I can not get in 10 feet. A switch, that's not really the way I want to go to single hand cast all day, which is why I'm looking so long and hard at this specific rod. It's really the only single handed 10' 9 weight that I've found.