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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by FlyFshn'Fool, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. FlyFshn'Fool

    FlyFshn'Fool Member

    I know there has been some disappointment with Loomis rods as of late due to various things. However, I think next to Sage, Loomis does the best job of providing a rod for just about every conceivable situation. I think Winston will always have the best looking rods (I just wish they would vary their colors a bit to distinguish between various rod series) and I feel as though they are starting to come forward in the Saltwater and Two Handed game.

    Given both Loomis and Winston as a whole, which direction would you folks lean for future rod purchases?
  2. Blake Harmon

    Blake Harmon Active Member

    My vote goes Winston.
  3. scottybs

    scottybs Active Member

    Winston, any day! Craftmanship is the best.
  4. lylelovett666

    lylelovett666 Active Member

    I have no experience with Loomis but I have a Winston that I love and when it needed a repair they were timely in getting it back to me.
  5. Anil

    Anil Active Member

    I could argue a variety of points, but I won’t. We carry Sage, Loomis, Winston, etc…
    I can fish with just about anything. My decisions are based almost solely on casting and fishing performance. This is not to discount very important factors such as warranty, aesthetics, and price. They just don’t factor heavily into my rod purchasing decisions.
    I have more Loomis rods in my personal “arsenal” than anything else. Of the last 10 rods purchased by any of the staff here at the shop I believe 6 were Loomis, and 4 were Sage.
  6. jaybo41

    jaybo41 Member

    My first hand experience with Loomis is limited to casting a GLX in a fly shop. Nice rod that felt great test casting, but I wound up with another Sage and am not disappointed. Still wouldn't mind owning one some day. In my opinion, Winston's craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. My opinion is that of the three manufacturers you mentioned, all make arguably some of the finest graphite rods available and I don't think you could make a bad choice amongst the three. Haven't had to put Sage or Winston's repair/warranty to the test yet but hear great things about both. I'll stick to these brands as they seem to have great tools for the type of fishing I do. Ultimately though, choosing the best rod has a ton of factors involved--target species, type/style of fishing, feel/casting, price, availability, warranty to name a few.

    I should add that my opinions are based on my first hand experiences and for single hand trout and Steelbow rods.
  7. Jim Darden

    Jim Darden Active Member

    I'd vote for Winston, their two handed rods are "magic".
  8. Olive bugger

    Olive bugger Active Member

    There are just too many factors to say one thing is best over all others. The "best" is
    determined by the end user. That said, all, save two of my rods are Sage rods, and one is a
    home rolled Loomis. The Loomis blank is nowhere in the ball park with the Sage rods, but
    that is my perspective. You might pick it up and choose it over the others.

    I do know that "Perfect" is not a description I would choose for any rod. They all have good and bad characteristics.
  9. Craig Pablo

    Craig Pablo Active Member

    Winston, hands down, period.
  10. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

  11. Mark Mercer

    Mark Mercer Member

    Got to go with the green stick, Winston!
  12. Mike T

    Mike T Active Member

    G Loomis, primarily as they're a more innovative company and Winston is slooow on warranty work. Winston has taken several months to turn around warranty repairs for a couple of my friends this past year. That coupled with issues they've had with their boron rods breaking where the pieces join together doesn't give me much reason for confidence.
  13. Jim Riggins

    Jim Riggins Member

    I am sporting 3 new North Fork Composite Rods,( Gary Loomis') new rod blank manufacturing company and am very pleased with all of them. These new rods are truely NASA technology right down to the handles. Made on the banks of the North Fork of the Lewis River near Woodland by a hand selected crew by Gary himself. Although these are made into the finished product locally by a number of custom rod builder's I recommend Greg Cobb owner of River Creek Rods, also Gary's Production Mgr at the plant. At one time he was offering a member ship to Fish First Foundation with a purchace of one of his new rods, might ask him about that. Hope that doesn't piss him off! North Fork also has a rod for every method of fishing. I now have rod's for the SW Wa. rivers to the Kenai. I still love my Beaulah and Echo rods but seem to grab the NFC rods first lately. Might sell my others later. Look into these, you will be impressed.
  14. FlyFshn'Fool

    FlyFshn'Fool Member

    Interesting thoughts. Any more info with regards to the warranty work or as to how the rods were breaking? Just curious. I have only broken 3 rods in 25 years of fishing and two of them were my fault, the other was a friends fault. But if a rod should break, I sure do not want it to be out of comission for the better part of a season!
  15. cebe

    cebe Member

    My experience with the Winston warranty work was a two week return. However we were in Twin Bridges when it happened so we dropped it off at the factory, and got it about two weeks later after we were home. That is how long they said it normally took for warranty work. For trout rods I can't imagine any of the three companies makes a bad rod, but the Winstons are just beautifully finished, and I hope they don't change that green color.
  16. shotgunner

    shotgunner Anywhere ~ Anytime

    Sage? Someone new on the scene??

    Some GLX Classics and a few Boron enhanced blanks around here :cool:
  17. tailchaser001

    tailchaser001 Member

    My vote goes to Loomis. There is a lot of history and knowledge behind their rods. They have always felt the best to me and I have never been disappointed.
  18. jeff bandy

    jeff bandy Make my day

    Winston wanted something like $180 bucks just to glue a new fighting butt on my rod. we're talking a Vapor. not one of their high end rods. And a manufacturing defect yet. Seamed kind of steep to me.
  19. Pontooner

    Pontooner Member

    Another factor to consider with these 2 companies, in my experience Loomis will warranty any rod that is a factory rod, original owner or not. I have sent in a Winston rod that I was not the original owner and they would not cover it under warranty even tho the problem was clearly a manufacture defect. In my mind that makes the Loomis rods more valuable to sell at a later date. I think the same thing when I look at used rods to buy, Loomis you get full warranty and Winston you get zero warranty as a second owner. Correct me if I am wrong, but that seems like a huge factor in a rod holding onto some of its value.
  20. flybill

    flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Cast a sweet Winston two handed spey last weekend.. 13' Boron II I believe.. Don't know the Loomis rods, but will have to give them a try sometime.. Aesethics are hard for me, since I've built most of the rods I fish now, but the Winston does look good! Lots of great rods out there at the price point you're looking at including Sage, Orvis, Meiser.. :cool:

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