Lost backpack below Ringer launch

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ewhitaker75, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Had the misfortune of the boat swamping today below ringer launch. Lost an orange backpack but did get the boat safely and no one was hurt. A big thank you to Al Parks and persons unknown. If anyone finds the said backpack please PM
  2. Probably better served to put this in the "Lost, Found, Stolen" section of the board.
  3. Thanks, its been a while since I've been on...
  4. Glad it all turned out ok and nobody got hurt. Thank God. My son I launched my drift boat at Ringer last Sunday at 4600cfs. While arranging the shuttle at Red's, it was recommended that I NOT launch at Ringer due to the potential danger of getting swamped, specifically in the bend downriver just down river of the put in. I am pretty experienced on the sticks and have launched at Ringer before in high flows, so we went for it and experienced no problems. So I am curious as to what it was it that caused you guys to capsize? It is a valid warning and good info for the rest of the folks here. Thanks.
  5. Wondering the same for the safety of others on the site. Gnarly water, pilot error, or what?
  6. It was a combination of gnarly water, and error in judgement by leaving a inexperienced rower to wait in the boat while I returned from shuttling the trailer. Anchor let go, and the rest is all downhill. After looking over the boat again, I also realized that the rear casting horn (Hyde) and one of the support posts are in the river still as well
  7. Backpack has been recovered and is on its way back. Still missing the rear casting horn and support post and a black flybox full of big dries.

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