Lost rod: 530 bridge Sauk

Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by george, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. george

    george New Member

    10' home built rod. Left behind east end 530 bridge parking area. When I returned it was gone.
  2. sean_k

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  3. george

    george New Member

    The craigs list post was already taken down when I looked. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Jscott

    Jscott New Member


    I was the one that found this rod...it was in the middle of the road but still in one piece. I just found this site; sorry that this has taken so long. Just one final question to be thorough...what reel is on the rod?

    Not sure if this post goes to email...but Ill check back here.
  5. george

    george New Member

    Bauer with a Rio multitip line, sink tip with a double bunny fly
  6. Old406Kid

    Old406Kid Active Member

    Hopefully this is a happy ending! Nice that a good guy came across
    it first. Many have been less fortunate. Interested in the outcome
    and story, sounds like it got a short car ride.
  7. Jscott

    Jscott New Member

    Hi George,

    I left you a message in your inbox with my number saturday, not sure if it showed up toyour email. I live just north of Seattle...give me call and get your rod fishing again.

  8. george

    george New Member

    Many thanks to all involved. I got the rod back. George
  9. Steve Kokita

    Steve Kokita FISHON206

    We like happy endings and honest people!! Way to go Justin!
  10. Nathan B

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