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  1. I found the reason there are no 22LR on the shelves...greedy bastards, plain and simple.

    I usually hit Gunbroker.com every day because I'm looking for a 28 gauge SXS. So today I decided to check on 22LR ammo for a change. There are tens of thousands of rounds available. Lots of value packs even full cases of 5000+ rounds.

    Here's the catch, a 525 Federal value pack for example used to sell for less than $20. Now you have to shell out closer to $100 for the same box.

    It's terribly obvious to me that lots of folks bought cases of this stuff just to make huge profits off other shooters. I say stuff it up their asses. Don't by these inflated prices. Let their great inventory sit until the ammo shows up on the shelve of stores again. Then support the shops and buy from them, screw the gougers.

    I'm putting most of my shooting on hold except for shotguns. I'm patient (and have lots of other chores) and will wait out the shortage before I pay these stupid prices.

    I encourage you to go to GB and search "22LR" and see what I mean. There is no "shortage" at all.
  2. This is annoying... A buddy called to tell me that a big box had 9 40 and 45 in. At around 20$ per box of 50. I called a local shop just to see if they had any. Support your local blah blah blah. Prices for the same mediocre range ammo was DOUBLE what the big box was charging. Fuck those guys. When things settle down, I hope they reap what they've sown. On a happier note, I shot about 500 rounds worth of drills last night with a buddy who is a firearms instructor. It was the best I've ever shot. Good times. Fuck you, local price gougers.
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  3. I hope the gougers bought a lot, because the market seems to be easing a little. Slickguns is good for aggregating ammo deals by caliber and they have a "cents per round" shown on each post. Midway has various Aguila .22 LR for 6 or 7 cents a round today.
  4. I agree Roper, I have no problem with capitalism at work however I'm not a fan of greedy people hoarding a bunch of ammo just to charge extremely exorbitant prices because they were lucky enough to be at the store when a shipment came in. I've been talking to some others about this and I think a lot of people are gonna take it in the shorts with their "investments." I know of one guy who purchased 11 AR-15's when the gun ban scare started up again just to hold on to them as an investment. A bunch of these firearms and ammo are gonna start flooding the market once these "investors" realize the gun ban isn't going into effect and their bills start to add up and realize they need some extra cash for summer vacations and the holiday seasons.
  5. Yup. +1 on Roper's suggestion. Once the ammo companies are done filling the billion rounds of ammunition orders from Napalitano (with our frigging tax money no less!), inventory will begin showing up on shelves again. It will likely still be higher priced than before all the over-reach, over-hype BS started, but in time it will level out.
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  7. Roper I have extra 22 ammo
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  8. Still searching for some 45acp personal defense. Been fortunate to find range ammo that seems affordable.
  9. Roper, If you're coming this way I have a Federal value pack with your name on it.
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  10. Roper-Thanks for posting the ATK/Federal letter...I am sick of hearing all the 'in the know' conspiracist theories and nice to see that letter....And I agree on the gougers choking on their inventory.
    I have purchased about 3500 rds of 22lr in the last 5 months and have not paid over $.05 per round for any of it.
    Ed-I have 45ACP +P available, if you want it.
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  11. Spokane Gun Show this month..1000 rds Federal .22LR 45 bucks, going price around the show 45-50 bucks/brick. The guy I bought from said .22 was showing up in some of the discount sports stores...I haven't seen any in Spokane, heard unsubtantiated rumors of a big national retailer selling at 85 bucks in Moses. I figure once it's avaialble there'll be a bunch of secondary hoarders, so reliable supplies may take a while. I reload centerfires, and have supplies for all my needs for quite a while.
  12. I'm actually sitting on about 4000 rounds of 22LR, but before I go shooting up a bunch of it I wanted to see what the situation out there looked like. No sense in mail order as the shipping just adds more cost. I'll hit the WAC show in Monroe soon and see what's shaking.

    Thanks to those that made offers to help, but I'm good for now...;)
  13. I had a chance last winter to order 3 or 4 bricks via Cabelas. I think I read a post from RIBKA that got me to call in. I think it was 16-17 bucks per brick and reasonable shipping.
  14. It certainly says something, but do the words tell the truth? What again was the basis for the Fed's buying (you name the number) rounds of ammo following the CT shooting? Hell, we're getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan...right? I've not heard of any significant staffing increases in military or armed government agency personnel...have you? In fact, at that same period of time, we were heading into the dreaded budget sequester; seems an odd time to be buying excess ammo. If this were the actions of a big time pro second amendment administration I'd be skeptical... nope, not buying it. They have proven themselves crafty and what a better way to push their anti-gun agenda than help create a shortage of ammo.

    Notice I said "help create", because I do agree a good part of the issue is us. Most (if not all) of us saw what was happening and started buying up a little extra than normal -- just in case. Combined with arguably the biggest surge in gun sales, shooting range use, gun classes and concealed carry permit filings in history, creates the perfect storm. I suspect having this administration in office probably didn't help either... but that's just a wild ass guess. My only regret was not pulling the lever on the S&W and Strum-Ruger stock buys following the 2008 election... DUMMKOPH! :mad:

    Here's a good discussion with BVAC about the ammo supply and how the surge demand has impacted certain component stocks. Personally, I think all these guys are being careful not to kill the goose who lays golden eggs.

  15. The army is changing out its 5.56 supplys to the eco frieandly m855a1. I am sure the million rounds a rear requested is having a impact. But on the bright side m855 should be hitting shelfs in about 2 years.
  16. More proof that our government knows how to waste millions of our tax dollars on a poor performing round. Those M855 will be shot out when they hit the shelfs from high pressure and barrel degradation.

    But it's GREEN....:rolleyes: (costs lot of green...)
  17. I'm not sure it's gougers. Since it's so damned cheap, I always have TONS of cases laying around. I normally by 5 cases at a pop usually. Think i still have a good 10-15 cases here. Not hording, just when you start firing off 22's, it's easy to knock out a lot of them since they're so cheap. I'd say they're cashing in simply because they have the ammo and want to make some money on what they have stored. Like the people with dryfly necks during the hair thing.
  18. Jerry, it's good to have someone positive like you to balance an old misanthrope like me...but my research tells me I might be in the ten ring on this one.
  19. We're beginning to see ammo on the shelves here, too. and standard capacity mags, as well.
  20. I must admit, after seeing how much the boxes are selling for I've been tempted to sell off a few of my boxes.

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