Low holed and pocket picked

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Words cannot explain my furiousness at this moment in time

    I arrived at hwy side of reiter at around 530 figuring the rain would push fish into the system. There was 2 other cars riggin up at the same time and beat me down to the river. all of those guys were fishing up high directly across from the feeder creek, so I decided to march down towards cable. I was the first mother fucker on the hole. I swung it for about 20 minutes on an intermediate tip and then decided to run some t-11.

    Then the dam assjacks start showing up. one guy running his stupid bobber and shrimp low holes me and tangles with my line while im swinging. He un hooks his shit and created distance. I was already a little irritated now.

    and then......
    two young kids come into the hole as I started at the top and assjack #1 left already. Well needless to say as im working through the meat of the run assjack #2 steps 30 feet below me and starts pitching his stupid ass cheater bait. Then ass jack #3 steps in 20 feet below him with his gay ass kitchen utensil lure. Im working the run step by step swinging and these mother fuckers wouldn't budge. I end up wading around them so I can fish the rest of the run.

    And guess what fucking happens. the second I step around assjack#3 hooks a god dam 8-10 lb steelhead on his third cast just where I was going to swing until they low holed me.

    Words cannot even explain how fucking mad I am right now.

    asjack#3 shit in my Wheaties and I am so fucking butt hurt right now
  2. You were fishing Cable Hole at Reiter... Learn from it and move on to other water. Swinging for steelhead takes more room on the river then I think is fair to others for places like that. Don't set your expectations that high for any water on the Sky, or you are bound to be butt hurt everytime you go out.
  3. Steelheading in the Seattle metro area
    Just glad there were no guns involved
    Get use to it BT - we've all been there
  4. yah yah I know just let me be miserable and complaing for a couple of hours
  5. Sooooo, how many gay ass kitchen utensil lures did you pick up on the way home? :D
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  6. If you actually wanted that, you would've written your rant in your diary, not on a public forum.
  7. When you fish a hatchery blood hole, or the hole just downstream of it, on a river open to all tackle and bait, you ain't likely to get a lot of respect, let alone human courtesy. I think you could have shot assjack #3 and called it self defense.

    You could also learn from this experience, as in note where the fish lived, and fish there first next time, even if you have to low hole a gut-slinger to do it.

  8. they make the snap t pretty difficult
  9. I doubt the issue here is courtesy or the type of gear they're fishing. Excluding out in front of Reiter, there are only 4 runs, with Cable hole being the most popular (followed closely by Proctor Creek these days) between the hatchery and High Bridge and the Sky is really the only summer run game in town for most people. These guys that showed up are Reiter anglers and the idea of a cast-step-cast lineup is unheard of. They have a different idea of what steelhead fishing is about. For some reason, they don't seem to see steelhead fishing as a zero-sum game like many of us do and may not think that fishing a hole with another guy or two or three substantially reduces their chances of finding a fish. I've had guys like that come out of the bushes in the middle of nowhere and stand just down-stream of me in their rubber hip-waders and chat me up. After fishing a few runs downstream or up and returning past them, I notice that they're still fishing the same damn spot. I just think it's the way they learned to fish for steelhead and I don't think there's any assholery intended.

    I've started going straight for the sweet spot of runs, before I can get low-holed. Might miss a fish every once in a while that's holding upstream of what I think is the sweet-spot, but it beats the hell out of watching kitchen utensils fly through MY perfect water I haven't gotten to yet.
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  10. Cable hole... you need to set realistic expectations. Swinging flies through there is almost pointless.

    And by the way, throwing "kitchen utensils" is really fun. Swinging spoons is a blast. You should give it a try sometime and come down off your high horse.
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  11. I was never on a high horse to begin with
  12. So much truth

    Seriously though. Never show up to a meat hole on any river and expect to have everyone else there bend to your version of river courtesy. Those spots are on a different program.
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  13. Sorry, you're right. I'm just tired of fly guys bashing other fishing methods. It gets old and gives the fly community a snobby, "we are better than everyone else" image.
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  14. More often than not, I get shit from fellow fly guys when I'm on the Skykomish and happen to pack my spoon rod with me. Apparently diversification makes me a lesser angler.
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  15. I was just venting in a rant this morning. yes I had too high of expectations for that hole. I would probably throw spoons if I had a normal rod but for some reason this two handed game has taken my ass over worse than a meth dealer
  16. If you're going to join the party at a meat hole, go ahead and swing. Just hit the sweet water first. Check that, always hit the sweet water first. Then you can fish methodically and know you at least got a solid pass at the good stuff!

    And I feel your pain. That kind of happening will cause "steelhead blueballs."
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  17. Why can't you swing a spoon with a spey rod?

    Serious question...because trust me...it CAN be done with killer results.
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  18. More truth being spoken
  19. I haven't actually tried it but I have a feeling the anchor would be such a bitch to pick up
  20. next to a pink worm a spoon is my favorite lure, well them again theres always beads.....

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