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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ben Swaner, May 19, 2013.

  1. I'm wanting to get out on the lower Yakima this upcoming weekend. I'm thinking about launching below horn rapids dam. I would like to do some fishing for smallmouth as well. Any advice on put ins, take outs, techniques, patterns, ect. Would be appreciated. If someone is interested in floating next saturday the 25th we could figure out a shuttle.
  2. Watch the flows they've been really high as of late, put in at the snively road access, half a mile or so below horn. Take out at either right before the Van Geisen bridge (Hyde Rd) or float on down to the Dupertail access of off the 240 bypass highway. 4 to 6 hr float but with the current flows more like 3 to 4. I float in a drift boat so that's the take outs I use, if your in a toon there is some other areas that you can access as well. It is open for spring chinook right now and the tribes are dip netting below horn and have been for the last two to three weeks. We went a couple weeks ago before the hot weather increased the flows and hit smallmouth in every bucket we tried. Buggers and clousers or any variance of the sort, rubber legs a big plus sometimes too, color for the clarity of the water to aid in visibility, yellows, black, brown, olive, blue, red ect. with some Krystal flash helps a lot. An 7 of 8wt line with a sinking tip to get down quickly especially with higher water. Lastly the ticks are bad this year but you'll be fine just don't bust the brush on the banks in some areas.

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  3. Thanks for the input Rick! What flows do you look for?
  4. PM me. Anything under 4500cfs is fishable, I like 3500cfs-2500cfs.
  5. 4870cfs at 12pm today, but it's been on the decline you should be good to go next weekend.

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