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  1. Finally got a day to totally go out and hit some beaches, I usually just languish at one for the whole time but today I decided I would burn some gas and see whats going on outside my normal beaches.
    I started around Case inlet and worked my way around to Hood Canal, and I did find a ton of fish...chum babies. ;)
    I spent approx an hour at each location and had absolutely no action, pretty disappointing as I expected with a handful of different locations, I should get lucky.
    Started 2 hours before the 10 am high and hit a selection of proven beaches that were apparently not on the SRC list of places to be today.
    Was a beautiful...BEAUTIFUL day out there, trees budding, flowers blooming and a ton of birds, pretty stoked just to be out.
    Maybe next week...or maybe I will just hit Cady or Teal and try something different :)
    Regardless, I hope everyone that was off today got a chance to savor the fine day!

    A few images to inspire :)




  2. nice pics, what type of camera do you use?
  3. Thanks Red, I usually just take my point and shoot, a Canon SD 900, pretty old unit, I think I bought it in 2008 or something. It does a pretty good job although I tweak images with ACDSee pro and Machinery HDR to get the bugs out. Some days the pics are great and then some days I may as well be using a Brownie Box it seems :)
  4. Great photos and report, Dave !!! Funny how many fry are out there with not alot of cutts chasing them.... any day now.
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  5. Nice pics. Interesting looking fly. Definitely a great day to be out.
  6. Thanks! I tried to emulate a sculpin without spinning any hair. The Marabou tail could be a bit longer but the visual in the water is pretty close, long dark active tail, and the hackle gives the illusion of a broad dark head, I like it...lets hope the SRCs feel the same way :)
  7. I am sure the SRC's will take it. Marabou has great action. Did you tie that on a tube?
  8. All good pictures but that third picture is money!
    I increased the size on my monitor and felt like I was standing in the water.
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  9. Yes sir, been really liking the tube thing lately and these look pretty natural with the lines on a tube.
  10. I'm loving that same rod too. Just got the Method 5wt and the 8wt is on delivery can't wait.
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  11. Sweet! Solid Salt rods for sure! Gunning for a 10 wt soon, debating on a one or b3sx...well see, ill need to chuck some stuffed squirrels on them first.
  12. It's 75% mind, 10% arm, and 15% rod...maybe. But I got some nice div's that I splurged with. But at my age I need LOTs more arm. I've stuck with Sage because they are up the road and everyone there tells me that they have access to the latest greatest new graphite that comes into the US. So I'm told by these marketing genius's......, yet Ben Franklin said: "A fool and his money are soon departed". That's True Genius.
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  13. I like good gear, worth it even if it is just 15%. and my mind is out there so I need all the help I can get!

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