MA11 Pink run analysis

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by DennisE, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. I'm glad that it wasn't just me failing to find them running along the beach this year. I thought it might be a north sound / south sound difference, but perhaps it was just the year. I did find some schools on the surface way out from the shore doing what they usually do close in, the problem with that was that there's so much space, they are hard to intercept.
  2. No wonder I'm not catching any from the beach, you keep hooking all my kings :mad:!

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  3. OK, returned to same place, same time(all day) yesterday and did not see one pink! Lost one nice coho at the boat. I must learn to check for dull hooks before the fact.
    Did catch a beautiful squid.
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  4. That is a nice Squid-ward!

  5. Robbi:

    Agree and have observed the same experiences as you! The Marine Area 11 bay which I saw you and Tom Elliot at two years ago has always held a lot of pink salmon. This year I only had one outstanding day of fishing there. I never saw any pink salmon there the other times which I checked out the area. The shallow delta/shelf in Marine Area 13 which I saw you at in early Sept. two years ago was sure full of pink salmon and boats. This year I landed some fish there when anchored on the delta and blind casting. In the numerous times which I fished there I only saw the occasional fish swirl or school of finning fish.

    I started fishing for pink salmon in Marine Areas 11 and 13 the last part of July through the first part of last week. I rarely saw fish jump which happened often in the 3 past runs. I would sometimes see pink salmon swirl. It sure seemed that the pink salmon were acting differently than past runs.

    Most years I would anchor in 7 to 8 ft. of water and have good success but this year the fish seemed to be in deeper water(+ 12 ft.). I did a lot of blind casting at past runs "hot spots" and hooking up fish. At least for me it was hit and miss in comparison to previous runs.


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