MA3 and the OP info?

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  1. Hey all,

    I am new to the community and am loving the resources here!

    I was wondering if anyone has any information about MA3. I know most of you are in the city central or the burbs and all, but I was hoping someone here has gotten out to MA3 that might be willing to share some info. I will be out on the OP here in about two weeks and will mostly be fishing rivers, the Duc, Bogy, and Quill, though I do plan to go for some surf perch too.

    Has it been decent? Getting any fish?

    Not looking for secret information or anything, just some general information.

    I have been going out to this area for 5 years now, and after last year, I would like to get some heads up information before the trip...

    Thanks guys,

  2. I'll take the crickets as a "I ain't got no low down on that". I guess I'll have to post an update once I get out there on the 17th.

    I'll be staying outside of Forks, and will have a free day on that Friday. If anyone wants to meet up we can do a float, my boat or yours, or hit a beach some where or something. Shoot me a PM if you're down.

  3. We just got some much needed rain and a spike in river flows over the last few days. The rivers should be perking up, and the fish will likely be coming to life in these freshets. The week ahead looks moderate, with a little rain in the forecast. And the rivers should be dropping to lower flow rates right away. But "Two weeks" away is an eternity when the weather is changing here. You need to be keeping your eye on the weather and river flows here in the days ahead of your visit. If you can catch it on the drop in flows, and clearing weather, or at east not too wet and windy, you will be golden.

    Some tools that I like are: (Also see Langley Hill Radar under the Radar page there)
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  4. Hey thanks Bob, great info. I have been keeping a keen eye on the rain, as that's what bit me last year, or rather the lack there of. The last three years before that we timed it well and had some great success.

    I'll keep checking the weather and hope for some good timing once again.


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