MA9 Report - 7/21

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by porterHause, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Rough going today, not many fish to hand on the beach for anyone. Had one shaker early AM, one small SRC, and a late AM beast of a pink... The first salmon o uploadfromtaptalk1374459167564.jpg f the season for me.

    Terrible pic, but I guessed it to be somewhere around 9 pounds.

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  2. Nice work Jon.
  3. Excellent Jon! Hoping that on the average they are all a bit supersized. Yet another year where the pinks return a tad larger than the prior season?:)
  4. Good on you!
  5. not looking for a give away, but is this MA9 below widbey Is.
  6. Yes, MA9 starts below Whidbey Island and encompasses most of its western coast. :)

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  7. Let the Mayhem begin:)
  8. Let the Mayhem begin:)
  9. what the hell just happened. Double post!
  10. Twice the mayhem versus 2011!
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