NFR Malaysia Flight 370

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What Happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

  1. Mechnical failure and crashed

  2. Highjacked, landed, and being hidden

  3. Highjacked and crashed

  1. What's the big deal? This kind'a thing happens all the time inside the Bermuda Triangle.

    Maybe the triangle moved... no one has come up with that theory yet :)
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  2. I asked a commercial pilot friend about his opinion of the mystery and the above scenario is one he explained to me. He also said he'd like to know how long the plane remained at 45K as that act might be designed to give the plane additional flight distance (less fuel is used at higher altitudes).
  3. Having lived in that part of the world in a previous life, I would replace "proud " Malaysian government with "incompetent".
  4. From an article I read, cell phones won't work at 45K feet and above... satellite phones will but that function can be turned off by the crew. The article also indicated that cell phones will not function if you're traveling faster than 150 MPH.

    The altitude and speed would keep cell phones fro operating and the crew could have turned off the satellite phone function.

    In all likelihood, this was all planned but to what end is the question.

    And if it was planned, something may have gone wrong and they crashed anyway.
  5. So they could've taken the plane up to 45K in order to disable the phones, increase the flight distance and by depressurizing the cabin either kill or render unconscious the passengers and attendants.

    Whoa, scary thoughts!
  6. Alien abduction.
  7. I do feel bad about the friends and family of those on the plane. They may never know what happened to their loved ones or why. That is sad.
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  8. Not to side track this "discussion" but rustybee has the best avitar so far.

  9. Dude... Don't hijack a hijack thread. :p
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  10. Jimmy tied in the oval office too.
  11. Ah yes, Anderson AB... flown there a good many times while in the AF (C5's)...a very long runway indeed. I wonder what the 777 looks like in camo green? :)
  12. I hope I remember to never to get in a fly swap that involves rustybee. :eek:
  13. I don't know about how easy it would be to care for (and keep silent) over 200 passengers, if the plane had landed somewhere and was being hidden.
  14. LOL. I'll make sure to wash my hands first. ;)
  15. I think GEICO is just making a new commercial with this missing jet plane...
  16. Hello This is Geico.

    Hi, I'm calling because I need to renew my car insurance.
    Ok sir, is there anything else you need?

    Now that you mention it, I would like to take out a policy on a Boeing 777.
    Wait did you say a Boeing 777.
    Like the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Boeing 777?
    Yes sir.
    Cool! All I need is the tail number and you will be good to go, thanks for choosing Geico!
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  17. Close, but at this point most believe it's still intact. If that's the case let's hope the passengers are still alive...what a story.
  18. I noticed Sasquatch-related plane takedowns wasn't an option in the poll. I'm deeply saddened by that.
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  19. This is ridiculous! It's these kind of posts that drive me nuts!

    Everyone knows that Sasquatch is afraid to fly. Come on man! At least come up with something more realistic, like a wormhole or alien abduction.

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  20. I cant believe its been 2 weeks now.
    Im betting it either landed or was shot down.

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