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What Happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

  1. Mechnical failure and crashed

  2. Highjacked, landed, and being hidden

  3. Highjacked and crashed

  1. I'm going with the description from WIRED magazine that Lugan posted. I just don't think it was the result of a conscious act. I think those guys tried to re-route to a nearby airport, were overcome with fumes, and the plane flew on autopilot until it ran out of fuel and crashed.
  2. You're spot on. I've posted this up already (not on this thread, I don't think anyways). But one of my fishing cohorts and volunteer with PHWFF is a military and commercial pilot. He's flown some of the vectors in question during his career. He gave his .02. Then I've spoke to my two uncles, they are both military pilots and commercial pilots (well, one is now officially retired from both as of Jan this year). Guess the consensus? Catastrophic failure and probably crashed. Everything the pilot did is EXACTLY what all three said they'd do (mind you, that all of them have a TON of flight hours both commercially and in the military, so it's not a rookies guess on their parts). And going off the radar is pretty easy talking with all three of them. Especially if they were combating a fire. They'd been pulling circuits trying to extinguish. But I would say no to hijacking. Funny how all 3 had the same description how they'd knock all of them out without having to fly to such a high altitude. LOL.

    They pretty much all said high altitude to lower fuel consumption, vector to the best airport to facilitate them, and get airplane back into control.
  3. People, don't look too much into the conspiracy theory. Even with eyes in sky and sophisticated radar, chances are good that once everyone was made aware of what was going down, it was probably too late. With all their tracking capabilities down, kinda hard to re find that big ole' airplane with all the traffic in the sky (multiple levels on same/simliar vectors, etc at different altitudes). Think of how big the earth is and even tracing that track. IF by chance that airplane had multiple malfunctions, who's to say that airplane stayed even on autopilot. It could've easily been knocked off course and crashed. I remember in flight school, my CFI had me close my eye during VFR training and say "Keep the airplane level". He finally told me to open my eyes. Damned, I felt like I was nice and level. I was diving and a nice pitch. Can you imagine if there fires going on and they were scrambling????
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  4. First person....I bet a fresh Maine lobster delivered that it will either be found on land or never found.
    But I need a vig for my bet...
    What you got ?
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  5. I'm still going with the Hiijacking,
    My main reasoning is the cell phones ringing through.
    If they were dead in the bottom of the ocean, they would have been told "out of service area" or straight to voicemail.

    I even double checked with my dad on this one, and he was a lineman for a phone company. I know its land lines, but those guys know a thing or two about mobile as well.

    The so called "experts" commenting on this either:
    1. Lack Competence
    2. Are not telling the truth for alternate reasons.
  6. Does your Dad know about airplane altitude vs cell towers vs speed of aircraft? Air mobile is different than land mobile. I was given a briefing on that as well from all the pilots.
  7. Again,.it goes away from hijack.
  8. So is the plane still moving somewhere in the air?!?!?

    I can tell you it is not, so the airspeed and altitude are irrelevant in this case.

    I understand the cell signal would carry better near the water due to the physical nature of water, try shooting across lake and you will see what I mean.

    Even if the phones were on (and transmitting) and the plane crashed into the ocean, they should go to voicemail as they are out of the service area.
  9. Ok, ask your Dad how my last cell phone, dead from a swim in the Nooch, would ring through as if I had it on yet was water damaged so bad it wouldn't turn on.
  10. This is obvious, what's the most valuable commodity on the airplane....? Human organs! Cell phones blocked, no problem. This was planned your minds and your eyes....follow the money...always...

  11. Don't need to ask my dad.

    You probably did no damage to the transmitter and your battery was still operating, except the screen was fried.

    For the record I know a cell phone that went wading for 3 hours, and one that went for a 16 hour swim in a manhole.

    The one in the manhole was fine, but would not read the sim card. The one that went wading came back.

    Anyway, I think we can agree on one thing. The situation has not been handled that well by any party...
  12. you shoot them. Problem solved. This was a hijacking for some other purpose. If the cretins wanted to make a political statement, that time's long past. If it was just randomly meandering all over the place out of control, somebody would have noticed. and as far as not being able to see where they're flying, most pilots have nav skills and would recognize-with a quick glance out the window-that the usual constellations weren't in the correct place. I don't buy for an instant the "crashed with no survivors" bullshit coming from ANY government anywhere near Malaysia. Incompetent isn't the word.
  13. Despite the incompetence of the Malaysian government, I think it's pretty clear now that this plane crashed in a very remote area of the Indian Ocean. It may take years to just find the black boxes, much less any significant amount of the plane! I believe the news this morning said that some of the water they think wreckage is in is very deep water.

    As to the plane being hijacked and passengers kept silent, that wouldn't be difficult for a well armed and organized group. Take everything the passengers have on, double and triple check them for hidden cell phones, and stick them in a building that is locked down. Guess I've read too much Tom Clancy, and stuff like that. They could just kill them, but the passengers would be more valuable than the plane.

    The hard part would be hiding the plane from satellite coverage looking for it. There are only so many places a plane this big could easily land and then it has to be hidden nearby. Unlikely in my opinion. The real reason the second scenario is unlikely is that no group has taken credit for a hijacking!

    or the aliens return the plane intact with everybody on board! You guys thought I might have forgotten that one...

    Hopefully they find stuff sooner than later and give the poor families some closure. Unfortunately, I know first hand that this isn't always possible, since my childhood friend and neighbor died in the Alaska Airlines crash off of CA 10 or so years ago. Every time I see news about a plane crash, I think of her. She was a flight attendant and I do miss her.

  14. I posted this last week on the AOPA forums:

    However, I think Goodfellow got it just about perfect in his piece in Wired.

    I picked this up from John Stewart a few nights ago. When you start penciling out what it would cost to have a large, armed, well trained conspiracy capable of pulling this off, including payoffs to cooperating government officials, just to get a plane parked in a secret hanger someplace to outfit for another 911 type plane-as-the-weapon type attack, it might be cheaper just to go buy yourself the damn plane.
  15. Maybe, maybe not. For what it's worth, there's a gentleman in our cigar club, a retired AF 2-star, who's current job is to oversee the entire drone program (private military contractor). He's familiar with the camera abilities of everything from cellphones to satellites. You'd be surprised at their abilities. The tasking and necessary retasking of same is the reason why they weren't able to find the plane. The satellites weren't looking in that area, according to him.
  16. Yup, mine was dead. Mine went for a swim, but mine sat in a "waterproof" bag that unbeknownst to me was full of water. LOL. So when I finally got off the water and pulled out the bag, it was soaked. Sat for about 8-10 hours I'm guessing. But my wife (then girlfriend) was pissed since she thought I was ignoring her calls. Since it rang and rang until it went to voicemail.
  17. Did she send you a message in all caps that read "I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN!"


    I guess we shouldn't sidetrack from the fact that there was most certainly loss of life for whatever the reason when the plane went down. That is not a funny matter.
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  18. I'm not a pilot, but my understanding is that there are many fail safes on a plane like that, and that the pilot had a lot of experience. It seems near impossible to imagine a series of faults that the pilot couldn't recognize and attend, and would lead up to a crash catastrophe in the Southern ocean. Maybe a Paine Stewart scenario but still, hard to imagine. But it's almost as hard to believe that a terrorist (from an organized group anyway) would fly off into the remote, intending to disappear. Who gets to gloat over that. So, I guess my vote is that it's a deranged pilot hoping for Amelia Earhart status.
    I too was fascinated with the AE story as a kid.
  19. I think they found the

    Man, are the conspiracy theorists gonna have a field day with this one! Bodies still laying out on the ground, a handful of "rebels" keeping the entire international community away from the crash... and no black box found. Hmm...

    Crap, I'm starting to sound like one myself! :rolleyes:
  20. Exactly how does this call for an " LOL" which means lots of laughs?
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