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  1. The Thomas guide is great for finding addresses but not fish...which books do you use?
  2. i use the washington gazateer and also usgs topo maps. i get them at metsker maps in downtown seattle. i think that is the best map resource in the area. dont know as far as fishing books go. jer
  3. WA Gazateer (hard copy)& the State series WA topo maps (pc). The topo software comes with 7 CD's, all of which I loaded onto my laptop. Kinda nice when searching for waters, making notes, ect. It'll be even better once I finally pull the trigger and bye a GPS, which it's compatable with.
  4. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I don't think that many maps will show you where to fish,but they will show you where the roads go and sometimes how close to the water that they are. Where to fish is something that you have to do on your own. It's called exploring

    I have just about all of the maps to the National forests, Three Washington State maps. A few Metsker maps also. I got lost once out in the woods once at night so to keep from getting lost again I have maps.

  5. With few exceptions, maps of river/lake access points are very hard to come by. Individual, usually famous, rivers and lakes sometimes have access maps (e.g., Deschutes, Yakima, Yellowstone Park, etc.,).

    re: Chris's reply

    I recently bought a mapping software package and a hand-held GPS. To date I've mapped GPS waypoints for a few of the better-known holes on the Deschutes (Maupin region), the lower Snoqualmie (Plum Launch to Fall City), and the Skagit (Marblemount to Rockport) rivers. My goal is to one day have GPS routes (walk-in) to most of the well-known holes/pools on the Skagit, Sauk, Stilly, and Snoqualmie.

    I'm not sure how useful it is, but it sure is a lot of fun to load the waypoints into the mapping software and see where you've been and to add the log/notes right on the map.

    (Drop me a note, Chris, if you're interested in knowing what software package I chose and the make/model of the my GPS unit)


  6. In addition to the above mentioned resources, I also use 2 online resources, Terraserver and the Washington Shoreline Photographs. Both are listed on the resource page of this site.

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  7. Thank you all for the great info I work in Seattle so I will stop by Metzkers and pick up a couple. :COOK
  8. Hey guys here is a great website that I just used this summer:

    You can move the map square around to get a map that is very specific to where you are going. They will send you the map folded or rolled and it is water proof! Costs around $15 (maybe alittle more) and you will have it in just a few days. I used it when we went to Kelley Creek and got a map that just showed from the trail head in.



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