March Browns

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ray helaers, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. With one thing and another, I keep having to pass up opportunities to get out. I know there's still plenty of time, and the best fishing is still a ways off, but I've been stressing over missing the March browns. From what I can gather though, it's been slow to start, and there still may be time. What's the scoop?
  2. Going out on the Yak this Sunday. :BIGSMILE Not sure yet which section but I will give you a full report on Tuesday.
  3. No real April browns yet to be seen, a few scatter here and there from time to time, but no floating sails as of yet! I have called them the April Browns for a some time now as I normally do not see them the way they are supposed to be until 2nd to 3rd week of April! However, the March Brown Nymph has been my down-under for the last couple weeks and has produced well! A #12 or #14 has worked well, trail a flashback PT #16-18 behind that, and if there is NO wind, trail a brassie behind that.
  4. I'm impatiently waiting too. I haven't seen any. It's been two or more weeks that I had great times with a
    BWO cripple pattern. And my success with Skwalas has trailed off. But the last two mornings, as if to
    tempt me, as if saying "Don't go to the office. Call in sick!", there's been a lone Baetis dun sitting on my
    truck, miles from the river.
  5. How about this!: Came back from the yak, 7 hours, 3 fish. Watching the news and 2 stone's went crawling over my carpet! Musta got into the truck when all doors were open and nestled in my gear! How is that for a tease when I saw none all day!
  6. Three flies. I understand that they are going to allow two flies,but three. They meaning Dept of F&W. Or did I read that wrong.
  7. Two flies on Flyfishing Only waters and three on others including Selective Fisheries. Remember; the rules don't take effect until May 1st. Randy
  8. I have enough trouble casting two flies. I don't think that I will try three of them. But thanks for the heads up. Jim

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