March Fly Salon: Salmon Fry

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    All right here we go, March is 4 weeks of miserable weather and many times miserable fishing.... but soon April hits and the Salmon Fry run into the Sound with relentless Coastal Cutthroat chasing them. This months Salon is Salmon Fry. I was going to call it Chum Salmon Fry, but with the incredible pink salmon patterns being created on another thread I didn't think it should be limited.

    The winner is the guy who creates a pattern that sends me straight to the vise and forces me to lose sleep until I get a chance to test it. Looking forward to the patterns and ideas.

    For inspiration I added a picture of Bob Triggs' classic Chum Baby (I tied it so don't get too excited, it's pretty rough). I also included a Salmon Fry pattern I've been working on, untried and unproven.

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  2. Congratulations Steve, I am tempted to take my vise to Gettysburg this week but I will have to live vicariously through WFF. I have been tying some fry. Fry Slider anyone?
    I look forward to seeing your new flat wing when I get back.
  3. gonna have to get in on this one to!
  4. What's the fur on the Chum Baby? Fox?
  5. Squirrel Tail.
  6. Link is dead
  7. and can I enter this one?

    O pinkfryy.jpg P5200233.JPG ne Feather Flatwing
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  8. Great flatwing Kelvin, don't know why you wouldn't.
  9. Sorry, I pressed the wrong button and launched the missiles.

  10. nice ties
    is the over wing squirrel?
  11. Jackd, that was a great fly(s) any reason you pulled your post?
  12. Link above is fixed, thanks Cruncher.
  13. Kelvin as I said on another thread that to me is the cats meow.
    I am sad to say because of some new training I am going through at this time I will be unable to participate for awhile.
  14. I'll try it again. Here is my "entry" for the March salon:

    Attached Files:

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  15. Kicking this thread back to life, 10 days left.
  16. Steve, I am working on an entry.
    Think topwater.
  17. I took am working on a pattern. Have the style picked, still working on material preferences.
  18. Here is my craft-fur pink fry. Total length is approx 2".
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  19. Rob nice bug!
  20. Rob. Nice tie. That's a fish catcher for sure!

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