Married Wing Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Cameron Derbyshire, May 25, 2013.

  1. Anyone interested in a married wing swap? We did one back several years ago. I'm up for doing some more Green Highlander doubles. Thinking of closing swap at end of July with flies due end of August. Thought it would be good to leave plenty of time to get them done.
  2. would a Ray Bergman style wetfly qualify for this swap? I'm thinking of learning how to do some.
  3. That works quite well.
  4. I think, many moons ago, I failed to produce on tjis swap. If there are no objections, I would like to join and redeem myself. Something for fesh summer steelhead is my thinking. How many tiers?
  5. I'd say no more than a dozen. Looking for a minimum of 8.
  6. I'm in if my married wing can be one color
    I can't wait to see what you guys come up with
  7. I just realized I need to order some quills of different colors.
  8. Can someone enlighten me, what a married wing fly. Photo?
  9. aa Married wing.jpg
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  11. I can tie flies like that in my sleep!................................then I wake up and find it was all a dream!
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  12. Ahh ok. Sorry not my style. Thanks though
  13. no it isn't
  14. I sent away for a Don Bastian dvd on married wings so my swap flies will look prettier. I have the materials now, just need the dvd.
  15. I watched the Don Bastian dvd and tying a fly called a Trout Fin looks very doable and appears very pretty.

  16. 'Married' wing implies more than one color or type of fiber.

    I'll participate in this one if there is space.
  17. yes and my skill at doing so implies your gonna get ONE color
    if I were to tie one

    Still looking forward to
    what you guys come up with
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  18. Marriage scares me . . .
  19. After watching the Don Bastian dvd's, inventoring my tying supplies and ordering the shortfalls, I tied up a prototype body today. I should have the beard hackle sometime next week and will finish the first fly at that time. If one watches enough videos where neatness and tying methods are stressed, it improves one's tying. I have a body and rib so neatly done it looks like one I would pay for.

    Eunan gave me some tips on winging the other day and I eliminated the folding problem of the offside wing and am now with a neatly tied down quill wing.

    10 perfect #8 bodies sitting there just waiting for hackle and married wings.
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