Married Wing Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Cameron Derbyshire, May 25, 2013.

  1. I tied up one of these today to work on the "married wing learning curve". I'm waiting on schlappin hackle for the fly I'm doing in the swap. Good thing I worked on the learning curve as I found out marrying wings is easier than I thought but one needs to leave enough room on the head or make sure when switching from white to black thread to position the wing tie in point far enough back. I have a nice looking fly but a tad of the wing shows up in front of the head. Also the the head cement I used is very thin and wicked up into the wing butts ends, a no-no.
  2. Here's my first attempt at a married wing. It looked better before the head cement wicked up the wing. I learned a little about wing proportions.

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  3. so, how many are in this swap, and what is the actual deadline
  4. SF,

    I've seen what looks like 4 so far and it appears the swap is still open for applicants. I have my bodies done and am waiting for more schlappin for the beard hackle. I've done some more "trout fin" style flies and they look better than the example above. Starting to come together for me.
  5. You guys have all the tiers you need?

    I may be interested in tying some Parmachenie Belles for this swap - down in the #10-12 range for trout. That sound alright if there's still room?
  6. My flies are done if there is a swap. If not I have some nice looking flies for display.

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