Mayfly Video

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    I posted it here because it would get more views. Please move it to Fly Fishing Entomology after a few days.
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    If I was a hatching mayfly, I think I'd avoid floundering aound on the surface...
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    Awesome leap for the spinner!!! In climate change terms these are now referred to as April flies, soon to become March flies, and so on.
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    Actually, the common name "mayfly" was originally applied to Ephemerella danica, the most common mayfly in Britain and most of Europe, and which primarily hatches in the month of May. It is only by asssociation that it has come to be applied to insects of the order Ephemeroptera.

    Because the subimago stage of E. danica is a grayish brown (or dun) color, it came to be known as a "a dun" and the term has been extended to apply to the subimago stage of any "mayfly".
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    Nice video!!!
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    Aprilfly... Mayfly...Junefly... Julyfly... works for me:)