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  1. Im a best man in a wedding down in Boise the last weekend of June, 28-30th and im looking for a place to stay for the 4th the week after. My wife and i will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary and i would like to stay someplace that I could get her a Spa treatment... which would allow me to hit some water nearby :)

    I have been looking into McCall but dont know the area to well, would be open to other spots between Boise and Spokane but im not familar with the region. Open to suggestions, just thought i would ask the crowd for some ideas!

  2. Have you ever tried VRBO - Vacation Rental by Owner? We have had good success through them. I'm sure that there would be a spa place in McCall, if that is your first choice.

    Nice brewery in town.

  3. Sun Valley maybe a little off your track but the drive from Boise isn't far, there's plenty of accomodation, the Big Wood and Big Lost and Silver Creek are a blast and if you did the long drive out through Stanley you could fish up through Montana and head back via Missoula on I90. Or even detour it a bit and come back throught he St Joe valley, should be prime St Joe time....Plenty of great campgrounds, fun rafting on the Salmon etc. Hard to go wrong there unless the snowpack is heavy and runoff lasts longer than expected...
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  4. I love McCall - I've been there 3 times all in the winter for ski trips but we are talking about going back in late Summer/Fall to do some fishing and hiking around. It's a beautiful drive up from Boise. I's say its an 1 1/2 - 2 hours. You'll follow the Payette River which flows out of Payette Lake. McCall is on the banks of Payette Lake. There is also Cascade Lake which is a huge high mountain lake. I dont know how the fishing is on the Payette but it would be worth checking out. My wife loved McCall as well. Keep an eye out for the foxes because there are a lot of them running around.
  5. Just stayed there to ski this week....stayed in a VRBO place. There are a lot of them in that town. There are a lot of high lakes close to town, including some that are managed for trophy fish. Brundage reservoir is a no bait option you can drive to. I have not fished there, only been in the winter, but the summer should be great. I don't think the rivers are known for big fish but there is some very pretty water there. It looked like the local fly shop was closed.
  6. If you decide on McCall, make reservations soon, it's very popular over the 4th, always sells out. There are many VRBO places there and plenty of other choices. There are some great mountains lakes, a few with trophy regs and the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon (yea that's its name) and some other large creeks have some good drive up and fish wild Cuttie fishing.
  7. My wife and I go a lot and she loves the spa treatment as do I ( the fact I get the day to do what I want)

    Shore lodge is second to none. Get the dinner package for the night. It is a five course meal that is phenomenal!

    And well well well worth the extra few bucks. I have NEVER been disappointed.

    My wife says it's the best as well. She saw me replying to this and asked if we can go back next weekend.
  8. I would check out the Shore Lodge in McCall. There's not a lot of spa places there, so the 2 hour drive to Sun Valley will provide a lot more possibilities plus better dinner and fishing options.
  9. never been there myself, but it's home to a friend of mine. Lyle Nelson works at the hospital there. Lyle carried the flag for the U.S. Olympic team at Calgary in 1988-his fourth Olympics. Lyle's a biathlon skier, and an all round great guy!

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