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  1. Looking up Members used to be easy. Now you have to page though all that is there to find what one is looking for. The old way used to have the Alphabet at the top so you could click on the letter and the ones that start with what ever letter you choose would come up.

    It works that way in the gallery

    If you don't spell what you want correctly your out in la la land.
  2. *you're
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  3. Not another fuckin teacher. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. *fucking
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  5. The period was not necessary in this statement.
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  6. This thread has brought me joy. How is the weather, Jim?
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  7. Funny stuff right there. Elder Gentleman, how many times have you corrected the members here? I think you can dish it out, but are not so fond of taking it!
  8. I quit correcting people on their spelling. You all went to school someplace. If you didn't learn anything it's your own FUCKING fault.

    There is a spell checker here, but I found out it's not very smart. It keeps underlining word like Pilchuck, Snohomish, Skykomish. It tries to tell you your wrong, but your right on the spelling.

    Edit: This is not going with what I asked. All you shit heads are getting away from what I asked about.
  9. I'm not sure what's worse, that I thought OMJ was starting a thread about penises, or that I clicked on it. :confused:
  10. *words


    God, this is fun.

    Have you been fishing much, Jim?
  11. Jim, Try this. Hit Members, look in the gray bar for "Registered Members", hit that. Now on the right of the screen you'll find a "Find Member"search bar. Start typing their name slowly and a list of all members with the letters you have typed so far will appear . Works for me.

    Chris, any way to smarten up the spell checker? Without having to repeat grammar school?
  12. You can add correctly spelled words that spell check does not recognize, just add them to the dictionary.

    Jim, typing in ALL CAPS is rude. SWEARING in all caps is rude and unnecessary. Have a great Montana weather day!
  13. Hey BUMBLES. Kiss my ASS.
  14. If you don't type in the name correctly it won't give you what you are looking for. I tried it and got something else.

    I was conversing with somebody from a different site. Not going to plug another web site. But who I was talking to is on here also, so I thought I would look him up. I didn't get the name right.

    My memory is screwed when trying to remember something done right away but works wonders on stuff that happened years ago. Like near sighted and far sighted. One you can see and one you can't see without glasses. This shit doesn't make any sense to me but it's out there and out there it will stay.
  15. This is an incorrect sentence structure. The correct structure follows;

    "There is a spell checker here. But, I found out it's not very smart".

    Good try Jim! Hey, I have been meaning to ask. Is it cold in Montana?
  16. 70 yesterday. Supposed to get in the 70's and up for the next 5 days. Might even get to the low 80's on Monday. Shorts weather.
  17. Montana mountain men don't wear shorts, Jim. Is it hot there?
  18. Just about.

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