Memories to brighten a gray winter's day...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by pigburner, Jan 18, 2014.

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    My desktop background is set to rotate through all the pictures on my computer. The picture below showed up on my screen this evening, immediately bringing back memories from a few years ago of a summer-time trip to Utah with my three daughters, exploring red rock and small mountain streams. I remember the warm August sun, a gentle breeze, the dry grass in the open meadow changing to lush green as we approached the creek. I remember my oldest daughter screaming at me and almost crying when she first stepped in to wet-wade this ice-cold stream. I remember her smile as she later held up a nice eight-inch brook trout to show me from the hole above where she was fishing on her own. I remember long casts in a quieter stretch downstream where dropping an elk hair caddis into openings in the submerged weeds was instantly rewarded with a take. I remember the deep hole against the cut bank right behind me in this picture where I had just caught a half dozen pretty rainbows and brook trout before turning downstream to take a picture so I could remember the almost perfect beauty of this stream. An hour or two break in that day's travels will always be with me, captured in a photo and ready to brighten a gray winter's day.
    20100823 Pleasant Creek_1.jpg
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    Dude that's awesome I can't wait to make memory's with my daughter fishing
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    Thanks for sharing! We need memories like that to get us through the winter!
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    Cool story. I'd venture to guess that a vast majority of WFF members use pictures of fishing trips as computer background images. I do both at home and at work....always getting asked at work about the photo's starting up or shutting down from meetings...built in ice-breakers!
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    Thanks for jogging my memory button, PB. I jumped to the trip I took to the Babine many years ago, It was in October and quite cool. But the fishing was hot and I got to spend a week lost in steel head and big bows. Good food, good Friend and good fishing. What more could you want. And then there were those weeks that I got to spend at the Circle W ranch and HiHium Lake........
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    Prefect, I needed that. Thanks for the break from the gloom of January.... looking forward to my favorite summer mountain streams.
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    I'm spending the winter converting slide and print photos from the past into digital images and DVD slide shows. I'm working on East Lake photos right now. So I've been living my fishing trips vicariously through the photos. I have so many photos from decades of fishing trips, this project should keep me busy for a good long time.

    That's the reason I've recorded all the trips with film and now digital images. I want to relive the experience.... today, I'll be fishing at East Lake during the summer.
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