Merry Christmas

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  1. Old Man

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    Merry Christmas AND a Happy New Year.
  2. Salmo_g

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    Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. Danielocean

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    Same to you Mr.G
  4. Rick LaRiviere

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    Merry Christmas to all from the right coast (wish this was coming from our cabin in MT, but not this year).

  5. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    Merry Christmas to all and to all some good bites!!
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  6. Freestone

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    Merry Christmas, Leland! I hope that everyone has a great Christmas!
  7. Grayone

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    Merry Christmas to all!!!!
  8. Rick LaRiviere

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    Dipnet wrote:
    Here's a little something I put together on another forum. Don't know if you're familiar with "Poppy", but he is the owner of the Red Shed Spey Shop in ID, and is a dead ringer for Ol' Saint Nick. Anyway, enjoy this little twist to a traditional Holiday favorite...

    T’was the evening before Christmas, when all across the run,
    Not a steelie had taken, no - not even a one.
    Hip packs and gear bags placed on the mantle with care,
    In hopes that Saint Poppy soon would be there.

    Little metalheads were all nestled; snuggled up in their beds,
    With visions of spey gear dancing through their heads.
    Mama in her fleece, and me in my Krocs,
    We’d just turned off the Idiot Box.

    When out on the run there arose such a clatter
    I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter!
    Away to the window I flew like a flash
    as a huge leaper hit the water with a splash.

    With a little moonlight shining on the waters nearby,
    I took off the glasses and rubbed my eyes.
    When what to my astonishment should appear,
    But some chubby bearded dude… dressed in red Simms gear.

    With a brand new Hardy and a big ol’ spey rod,
    made his way to the riverbank as he gave me a nod.
    With such precision he put out a double spey cast,
    Right tight to the log jam, his fly sinking fast.

    A red ‘n green butt skunk should be just the thing,
    With tinsel and floss and a fox fur wing.
    His mending I watched and jealously noted,
    As the surface water suddenly exploded.

    He fought her with care, with the skill of a pro,
    Till she lay at his feet, just begging to go.
    A twist of his wrist, and the hen swam free,
    the care that he used made me think it was he.

    No, not just some spey-fishin’ hick,
    But this was our very own “Saint Nick”;
    The jolly bearded fella who owns the Red Shed
    Where all those spey goodies “dance in your head”.

    Then as he caught me spyin’ he boarded his raft,
    And pointed to presents; spey gear in a sack.
    With a smile and a wink he got on the oars,
    And rowed out of sight as the metalheads snored.

    From on down the run a voice shouted out,
    that left me not even the slightest of doubt,
    The words were so clear and so pleasantly bright,
    “Merry Christmas to all, and to Spey Fishers a good fight!”


    Now that the Thanksgiving Holiday is over, I thought I'd take a minute to wish everyone here a Merry, Safe and Peaceful Holiday Season. Thought this little edited version of an old familiar poem might start things off with a little humor.
    Merry Christmas, all...

    Rick [​IMG]
  9. Hem

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    THis year my family and I are spending the holidays with her folks in LaConner.So felt like it was right to extend a "happy holiday" to all fisherpeople and Washingtonians since I frequent WFF on a daily basis.Its a great site,and I like visting the state.The rain is a welcome change from the Montana winter,but the I-5 corridor is a bit much for me.One year maybe I will try fishing for src,or at least pretend to do so.haha
  10. Alex MacDonald

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    It's just Her Ladyship and me, with our two stalwart hounds, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and a special prayer for all our men and women in harm's way this season.
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  11. Ed Call

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    Merry Christmas to all and may all lines go tight!
  12. Chris DeLeone

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    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
  13. Mark Walker

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    Indeed, Merry Christmas and a safe profitable New Year.
  14. Bob Rankin

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    Merry Christmas from Yakima :)
  15. David Loy

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    Staying home this year, and happy about it. We're all together and sharing good cheer with friends.

    Merry Christmas to all, and a safe and prosperous New Year.
  16. FinLuver

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    Merry Christmas from the Mid-Willamette valley Oregon!!

    Dang it...I wish the snow would quit showing up early...Oh well, maybe next year.:cool:
  17. lylelovett666

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    Merry Christmas to all you fly faces.
  18. John Wallace

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    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and all on this site!
  19. fish-on

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    Merry Christmas to all!!! It's like having a virtual family, including the cool, crazy and obnoxious uncles...:D
  20. After Christmas with family, and without internet, makes me a day late, but let me send my well wishes to everyone at WFF for the remainder of the holiday season and for 2014.