Methow/Keith's house burnt down!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Freestone, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. I'm in for whatever is needed. Not a builder, per se, but I can do odd jobs.
  2. Never built a thing in my life, but I have a strong back and am willing to work as needed. Count me in for anything that gets set up.
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  3. I can swing a hammer and have tools including a chop saw, so I am in too if they need building work!
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  4. Can help with the stuff that sparks.
  5. Got power and hand tools.
  6. I am falling apart, but have built little things and willing to help, whatever is needed. I have an idea too, be what to see if it will work first. If so I will let you know.
  7. I will do whatever I can and follow directions of those with knowledge I lack.
  8. Ibew local 46 01 Journey man. Let me know when and where.
  9. Young back and legs. Tell me what you want moved and to where and I'll do it. I'll let those with skills and knowledge do the building, but count me in for grunt work
  10. Wow! So sad.
  11. Splett, thanks for sharing that. I agree with Steve, so sad. Saddest thing I have seen posted lately. From the OSO slide to these fires, nature has really been taking her toll.
  12. Have truck, will travel. To old and sick to do any real work but I can drive and haul. Let me know if anyone needs stuffed hauled from over here to over there.
  13. Tandy and I had to drive to Winthrop today, and once we passed Wells Dam, it was a very quiet drive. From Carleton to Wells, it's like driving through Mordor; nothing but gray ash and rubble where once stood someone's home; plumes of smoke rising from the scorched ground. I've seen devastation like that before, in the Plain of Jars in Viet Nam. Napalm at work there, and even the rocks and dirt caught fire. That's what it looked like. Nothing but brown and gray ash as far as you could see. It tears at your heart. Small communities like Methow, where the local preacher has cases of water stacked on the porch for anyone who needs it; a land bereft of a smile. Miles of powerlines burned to the ground; some poles still on fire, but nothing else is left to burn. Nobody in Winthrop has power to pump water, run the phones, cook food, flush the toilet or even provide a light to see your way in the smokey gloom. Those who have generators are running out of fuel to run them, but they share to the last drop. Fire in the hills above Perrygin still burning, stores shuttered during what ought to be a busy summer; peoples' lives utterly destroyed, a dull look in their eyes as they search through what once was their home, looking for something-anything to hold to, that says "once this was home. I know what hell looks like; I just drove through it.
  14. I'm in same boat. Only because I'm paying a $1,000 deductible so I can buy back my gear that was stolen. Plus with 2 Fly coming up, I'm trying to put cash aside for that.

    But I'm in for helping build. I'm no expert, but have put my time behind a hammer making things.
  15. donated
  16. Im so sorry for Keith and his family. I spent Friday and Saturday fighting fires at Black canyon, helping my dad and his neighbors save there homes. (and we saved everyone) My wife and daughters will be going back tomorrow with a truck load of donations for the Pateros high school. we will be volunteering at the school so my daughters can understand how fortunate the are and how it feels to help people in need. The Methow valley means a lot to me and always has. I do feel for Keith and that is a terrible thing to happen. But there are a lot of people in the same boat....

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