Methow/Keith's house burnt down!

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  1. Hey everyone. Sue has told me what you all been doing and I'm so very greatful. I can not express my thanks in writing. We are ok and safe. We lost pretty much everything we own. Because I was leasing to own I no insurance on the house. The cheapest renters insurance I could find for the type of place it was, was almost $1200 a month. No way could I afford that. So now we have to start over and fresh. We will and are. Good thing is I have a great job and went back to it yesterday.So many others have lost everything like us. Items that can be replaced will be. Its the items that have great meaning and memories that can never be replaced.I pray everyday for everyone that has gone through this. All our hearts are heavy but in time will heal. A friend died the other day of a heart attack while fighting to save his home from this fire. Words can not express my sorrow for his wife. As I drove home last night I could not come to grips of the magnitude of loss. Hold all those people in your thoughts and prayers. One day at a time is the best thing we can do. Have to stay positive and keep our eyes forward. God bless you all and hope to see you on the river sometime in the future. ..Keith
  2. It looks like I will be heading over to Winthrop on Saturday, Hwy. 20. Going with a friend to check his place, not threatened, but to see if the power has been restored. I plan to bring clothes for donation. Does anyone know of a donation point in Winthrop / Twisp? I know that they are using the high school in Winthrop as a place to stay.

    Besides clothes are there other items that are needed that I can bring over from the wet side?

    Scott Salzer
  3. Scott, not sure about Winthrop but Pateros asked people to now limit their donations to some very specific gear as they had enough clothes and general household goods. Here's the Pateros list:

    "Biggest needs: Camping supplies, handheld can openers, camp stoves, ice, flashlights, gas cards, large-sized diapers, solar yard lights, new socks and underwear, pots and pans, rakes, shovels and gloves."

    A Twisp friend came down for a shower and internet and I offered to let him take back whatever he needed from my house and garage. He has a generator and his own camping gear but the two things he still needed were a 5 gallon water container with spigot (that we filled) and a sun shower as like most people, he's on a well and without power, he has no running water.
  4. Here's a list from Twisp with the address of the drop-off point:

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  5. Freestone - perfect, thanks.
  6. Thanks Sue-Scott and I will be over on Saturday with stuff like this! Rick
  7. I just noted in today's Boeing News that the company donated $100,000 to those affected by the fires. I've not seen any reports confirming but I suspect the Boeing Employee's Charity Fund has or will also make a donation to this cause.
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  8. OK, so when can we pick up the hammers and get to it?
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  9. Keith, I don't know you or your wife, but I've watching the fires and praying for you folks out there. I gave a small donation, but I'm with Alex, you need any help rebuilding let me know I'll pack the work van up and bring some tools and pitch in where I can. Remember life flows like a river, this too will clear, and calmer waters lay ahead.
  10. I'm a good laborer and grunt. If a date comes in to build, let me know. If I'm available, I'll be there.

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