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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. I'm half done. I'm on vacation so plenty of time to sit at the vice. Black rabbit tail with UV blue pearl flash, black UV ice dub body with red wire rib, black barbell eyes, scud hook. Hard to keep it under an inch though.

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  3. If it is not under an inch I will be sending them back to you. I will have my ruler out and a fiber out of place will mean instant dismissal. Or better yet, out come the scissors and I will butcher that thing down. Ok, ok I might give you an inch and a sixteenth!

    For those of you who don't know me well enough the above is meant to be sarcastic. The inch thing is a guideline indicating that these should be micro not macro.
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  4. got my jig hooks and tungsten beads in the mail just now. headed out fishin will work on a pattern ive been mulling over in a bit.
  5. Breaking news:

    A Kennewick, Wa man was taken to the local hospital today after he experienced convulsions today. Apparently he had eaten a whole box of Altoids and was suffering from peppermint oil overdose. Symptoms include tremor, seizure, slow heart rate, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Apparently the overdose was intentional. "I bought a tin of Altoids because I needed the tin to send in some flies for a fly swap," he said. "Irafly has promised extra flies to the person who gets his flies in first, and he is a heckuva tier and fisherman. I left my Altoids tin at home and did not want to wait to send my finished flies in. So I bought a new tin and felt the need to empty it as quick as possible." The man was referred to the local mental health agency after he was treated and released.

    Do I win Ira?

  6. I don't have the flies yet Wayne, I don't have the flies yet. Just saying.
  7. I'm not saying there is a winner yet, but I have two complete sets of flies in my possession. Who was first, who was first? Now one of those sets might also vie for best as well. I'll be taking both of my four flies with me when I fish Central Oregon in a week.

  8. I think you should go by the postmark on the package? If It is still tied, then the best looking? I'm not cute but I've seen some of the avatars on this site. Just sayin...

  9. One set is not post marked, I'll leave it a mystery.... but I will admit a good Altoid story could push someone over the edge.
  10. Got started this past weekend and got a couple nice patterns going.
    Deciding which one to double up on for the swap.
  11. Here is what I whipped up this morning. Size 14 jig hook with tungsten bead. Cream and brown alpaca hair tied mohair style underwrapped with flash as the alpaca gets a little translucent when wet and the flash should show through. Do you guys want one of each color or would you prefer both to be cream?

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  12. I'm lik'n the cream.
  13. image.jpg

    Pushin' da limit!
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  14. Mailed today. I tied #14 BMW's (Brian's Marabou Wigglers). I'll add the recipe & a link to Brian Chan's YouTube tying video to Ira's Swap Conversation.
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  15. image.jpg

    Whew. I think that's the most flies I've tied at one sitting.
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  16. Well a tad over an inch but its a real winner!

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  17. Ummm...that's about 3x the length of mine and I thought I was pushing the limit.

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  18. Yeah pushing the envelope is what these swaps are all about. I tied up a bunch of Wooley Buggers for a married wing swap; guys loved it.
  19. I hope you're kidding.
  20. I was hoping the first post was in jest but had no indication of it. After reading the the next post it seems that he was pulling a fast one on us and will be delivering the child of that 8 month pregnant leech for our fishing pleasure.

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