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  1. I have been doing some exploring with my TFO half weight and start fishing some really small water. I found a tiny trickle of water that just happens to be loaded with little cutthroat that violently attack dry flies. There were a few large 13 inch fish I spotted but they were in spots impossible to make a cast of any kind into. The fish were extremely spooky, I was crouching and sneaking around trying not to spook the fish. There was some cool spots about the size of a kitchen table and 3 inchs deep that you could see were devoid of fish but when my dry landed on the water fish darted out from under every piece of wood and small under cut to smash my fly. I'm glad I brought the half weight rather than my 3wt because there was very little room making it a struggle for even the 5ft half weight to cast.

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  2. Great pics of the trout under the log!
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  3. Thank you! It was not easy I didnt think he was gonna come out but then that bug showed up and I got a pic before he grabbed it and returned to his hole!
  4. SERIOUSLY micro! Nice!!

    I went hiking once in CO with a girlfriend. We came up on a little stream that was LOADED with little cutties and brookies. We fished for an hour or so. There were so many trout that they would fight each other to get to the fly. I just tied on the biggest, ugliest fly I could find in my box - it didn't matter what you threw. It was practically cane pole fishin. It was like a bait ball in the ocean (ok, ok, so I'm exaggerating a little). A total giggle fest. The biggest fish was probably 12" - maybe 14. We kept the ones that we bounced off of the rocks getting in and let 99% of them go. Fried em up in butter after rolling in cornmeal for dinner.

    The next morning - you couldn't see or find a fish to save your life. I have no idea where they went or how they hid when the night before you could see them by the dozen.

    It was a high mountain stream that took 1/2 day to hike into.

    Great times.
  5. Neat pics. That stream looks fun, kinda like a lot of the water that closed when we went to "closed unless listed open" for Puget Sound tribs.
  6. This is a man made un named creek, it carries rain water to retention ponds
  7. Where is this place at if I may ask????

  8. Thanks for posting. This opens up more water that I previously would not have considered. I think my 2wt is overkill for this kind of water.

    I too especially like your pic of the micro fish hiding out under the log eyeballing the bug.
  9. Hey WA-Fly,

    I gotta know, did the fish eat the bug? It looks like the bug is doomed in the second pic. Maybe your flash startled the fish and the bug made a clean get a way?
  10. Already been said... But COOL! I really like the close up of the cutty in Pic labeled 008.jpg. The spots, the fin, the cut ... Really makes me want to put TapaTalk away and head toward the Blue Ridge Pkwy streams. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I'm sorry but I can't tell you, go out and explore it makes it worth it discovering something on your own ;)
  12. I truly believe where there is water there are fish, and a 2wt would be perfect so long as it is short.
  13. Yep. And use cicadas;)
  14. That's awesome! Cool stuff. Talk about skinny water and tight casting, you nailed it! Thanks for posting.
  15. I'm glad you all enjoyed this report, I plan to do more reports in the future on more Micro streams and other small water!
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  16. Well, I've fished an old Orvis Ultrafine 2-pc, 2wt for many years. After reading this & reviewing a host of 1wt's, I ordered an Orvis Superfine. I don't particularly like the reel seat, but I DO prefer full-flex micro rods. I'll use this on some fav, tiny, Brookie streams back home (as well as at some high mountain lakes, one featuring voracious-but-diminutive Goldens), & on 'Gills locally. Besides that, I'm an old, bachelor curmudgeon, so there's no need for purchase approval (Hank doesn't care which fly rod I'm using; he's just content being there with me . . . oh, and rolling in stinky stuff, lol.), and the 1wt completes the progressive quiver: 1 thru 8, with a few duplicates in between. Thanks for posting!

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