Article Middle Fork Snoqualmie road construction closure details

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Craig Hardt, Apr 4, 2014.

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  2. The selfish part of me likes the limited access and worries about impacts of the increased traffic in our backyard wilderness.

    I just hope that the easier access create more appreciation for how lucky we are to have a river like the MF so close and encourages more people, especially kids to become stewards of our rivers. Time will tell.
  3. Like it or not, we continue to heap love on the MF Snoqualmie. One of the primary benefits used to justify the improved road is the much shorter access time for law enforcement, fire or EMT vehicles to respond to 911 or other emergency calls.

  4. I can remember back when the road up the N/F of the Sky was gravel. It was that way up over Jacks Pass and down the Beckler. Then they went and paved it up to as far as Garland Hot Springs(Which isn't there any more because of the river changing course and wiping it out). And then down the Beckler, from where the road forks to Highway 2 .It used to be a nice drive until that time. It opened the way for all the crazies to show up and show up they did. Along with all their garbage.

    You can almost bet this is the same thing that will happen to the Middle fork. People don't or won't drive up a road that beats the hell out of their auto. Probably got the Country fathers on somebody's back to get the road paved so their expensive cars don't get damaged. Just pave all the forest roads, that way people that dump their garbage in the hills have a smooth drive to get it done.
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  5. On the NF Snoqualmie county road, there's a particular spot a couple miles past where the pavement ends where the road makes a 180 degree hairpin (old friends call it The Big Turn.) It's as predictable as the sun coming up in the east that whenever I drive up there, some white trash asshole from North Bend or Ernie's Grove has dumped an old couch, a dead TV, 14 black plastic bags full of God knows what, or even an old beater Chevy truck that they decided to douse with gas and set on fire.


  6. I agree with you 100 percent. The MF will be full of A$$ clowns
  7. I see both good and bad with the road improvement. Sure it'll bring more people into the area but it'll probably reduce my chance of being in a head-on collision or being run off the road into a ditch by some huge 4 X 4 doing a ridiculous speed around a blind narrow bend like happens all too frequently now. This will probably lead me to explore farther out the road past the Dingford area for some solitude. Could be worse...
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  8. Paving will bring more traffic, for sure, but I suspect that the Middle Fork will never see as much trash and abuse as it saw in the '70s and '80s, prior to the big cleanup that began sometime in the early '90s. I also know that the paved road will result in cleaner and healthier plants along the road right-of-way. Driving through monochrome tan-colored forest isn't especially pleasing.
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  9. I'm sure that there are more knowledgeable folks than myself that will chime in, but as a frequent visitor to the MF drainage it sure *seems* like the unpaved road surface discharges a significant amount of silt/particulates into the river every year. If that's the case, I'd be happy to see it paved for that reason alone.

    I also don't think that there's always an increasing correlation between visitation and dumping. In my experience, it's just the opposite, since folks traveling into the woods with an old sofa, easy chair, and 4 metric tons of soiled Pampers in the back of their truck generally seem to favor roads where there will be as few eyes on them as possible.

    My brother in law used to work for the FS near the Clackamas (just about the whole thing is roadside), and a good percentage of the busts came from hikers, rafters, fishermen, etc spotting a vehicle piled high with trash heading into the drainage and reporting them.

    All in all paving seems like it will be a good thing, and I suspect that anyone willing to burn some calories will be able to find solitude in that valley just as easily as they were before. I'm up there quite a bit and I never see anyone anywhere but within 100 yards of the major pullouts.
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  10. I started fishing the MF back when there were meth labs, chop shops and random gun fire - not to mention massive amounts of trash. It has been cleaned up considerably since those days. Although part of me wishes it to remain as wild as possible, I understand the reasoning for the paving and hopefully this will help to force out those still wishing to soil the wilderness. Like others have said, if you get away from easy access there is solitude and will most likely not change with a paved road.
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  11. IMHO, the MF valley is one of the most spectacular spots in western Washington. Despite it's crystal-clear, infertile water and smallish fish, the MF is a regular date on my annual fishing dance card.

    With or without a paved road, I'd be surprised if even 1 out of 5 people who drive up there venture off trail to discover the river's many delights. I'm not worried about more people up there.

  12. Not happy about the plans to pave the MF road but that is what we call progress (I call it BS) . Anyone know if they plan to start at the end near the Taylor Fork and work their way back towards Lake Dorothy? That would be the smart thing to do as it would limit closures getting up the valley but since we're dealing with a Government agency my guess is we'll seeing rolling closures that block everyone out of the valley.
  13. The far end will be closed for two months so it sounds like they're working their way from the campground back towards town. But keep in mind then entire road will be closed Monday - Friday so I suspect prep work will be done along the entire length this year (see map link above).

    I have not seen details anywhere yet on what that will mean for foot and/or bike access on the closed section. One of my favorite spots is upstream of that closure so if non-motorized access to the road is shut down too I'll have to be sure to get up there prior to July 28 or wait after September 26.

    There is the upper CCC trail that avoids the road but I'm guessing there will be very limited parking. Anyone who does take the time to get into the upper valley after July 28 is going to have a lot of water to themselves!

    Edit- And if you didn't see it the estimated completion date is August 31, 2016 so anyone venturing that way for the next three summers check the status before heading out...
  14. To update anyone that's curious as to access during the week-there simply won't be any during the listed closed time. Due to the nature of the project (schedule times and the type of bid) the contractor is running full speed with their tasks, and there are off road dump trucks using the main road as a haul road, so it would be very unsafe for the public to use by car, bike, or on foot.
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  15. Rested water
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