Middle Fork Snoqualmie today

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JayH, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. JayH Member

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    Bushwhacked in to a couple of great runs and holes but only caught one fish. Still, largest fish on any of the forks I've caught so far since I began fishing them last Fall. It hit a submerged, two-legged stimulator while stripping it through a seam. Fun on a 2wt. The fish was a little sluggish on the release though, just kinda meandering away, not in any great hurry.

  2. Nol Needs to fish more..

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    Nice fish! !
  3. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    Great fish for any of the forks.

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  4. Mountain Man Active Member

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    You must have tiny hands. Fish don't grow that big in the Snoqualmie.

    That'd be a fine fish from just about any river in Washington, but from the Sno, it's a trophy.
  5. Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

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    That's a great fish for any of the Snoqualmie Forks Rivers. If you're only going to catch one, that would be the one.
  6. Steve Call Active Member

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    I agree with the others, that's a great fish for the Snoqualmie forks. There a few out there, but they are mighty few. Congrats.
  7. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    That's a very nice fish for up there! I was up there last Tuesday at a few spots! Water was crystal clear but still a bit high I thought. Nice work!
  8. golfman44 Coho Queen

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    Wow thats a beast for the forks. Well done.