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  1. Would like to know if anybody has fished the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie yet this year. Any info is appricated :)
  2. I guess I will answer my own question. Went there today. Tried 3 different nymphs,no takers. The river was really low, in fact I don't think I've ever seen it that low. If anybody is going there soon, they graded the road up as far as the bridge on the Lake Dorthy road. Beyond that it is one big pot hole. If you like Whitefish,the lower end down by the Norman Bridge is full of them. :)
  3. Not an especially warm welcome for you having to responde to your own posts. :-( You'd think I'd at least be on top of posts in and around N. Bend but with work and all...

    I'd suggest keeping towards town around the park where the forks come together and up & down from Mt. Si Road, especially with the lighter flows.

    Usually this time of year if a nymph isn't producing I'll try on top with a small adams (18) or stimulator. Not the usual game plan but mixing it up doesn't hurt. Real hit and miss right now but with the warmer temperatures it should start picking up a bit. What's with the weather? Is this Feb or May?

    Tight lines,

  4. I was going to try a dry later in the day but it was so nice up here I decided to just enjoy the day. By the way,it was 56 deg. in North Bend, I thought it was summer.
  5. After my outing today I think you did just fine. I had the same results on the S. Fork. Numerous nymphs and dries, everything this side of a streamer.

    Next though, ohhh next time.

    :D ~Chris

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