minimal freestyler 2/0ish

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  1. wanted to keep this one as minimal as possible, yet retain some classic features.

    Tail is custom dyed crest - fire engine red
    Body is 1/3 embossed tinsel 2/3s brown-olive seals fur with CdL med pardo hackle (which could be shorter)
    Throat - yellow badger (which could be longer)
    wing is simple goose, and kori
    The guy who asked me to tie this fly wanted it to look like a redside trout , but that is nigh on impossible for me, so its an 'abstract trout'. he specifically asked for those colors in the wing and also for a speckled look, hence the CdL and kori.
    no topping, mallard and all the usual accouterments that go with the classics, just a stripped down fly. I was thinking Hardy's Tom Tickler when i built the wing and sides (guy specifically wanted Jungle cock). minimal yet good looking. thought about an underwing of tippet, but decided to go commando there.

    Hope youguys like it. Hook is a 2/0ish Sunday style reworked effort. I think i'm gonna have to start reworking hooks soon, as i'm nearly out of smallish sizes.

    Next fly in the vise is a Green Highlander from Pryce-Tannatt. SHould have it done and posted up this week

    This is the freestyler

    and my last Tom Tickler for reference to the wing.
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  2. Nicely tied Eunan, I like the color combo and has good balance but I do kind of miss a underwing to fill the space. I actually like the shape of your wing on the Tom Tickler a little better, probably because it's a bit wider. Thanks for posting.
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  3. Eunan,

    There are a number of Salmon flies tied to represent something to do with the military. There was a poster once that PHW had which had various military ribbons and the corresponding fly and also flies for say freedom or such. Are you familiar with these and can you tie any of them up? I would be interested.
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  4. I can tie them. If you didnt already get the other fly we discussed earlier this year, let me know and i'll tie it for you.


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