Minter creek

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  1. This year is the first year you can fish for chums in minter creek and it starts today and i am siting at home.:"( My dad grew up on this creek and fished it every day for cutthroat trout up to 20 inches i have also fished it the last four years
    and have caught cutts to 14 inches and one 18 inch summer
    steelie wich was quite a suprise.Now that it is open for chums
    i am going to fish it at least a dozen times and am going on
    sunday.Just make sure you go on the last half of the out going
    tide, slack water and the first half of the in tide other wise you will be over your waders because the lower part of minter creek were it is leagel to fish is heavily dependent on the tides
    so at high tide there is no were to fish because it is to deep to wade and all the shore on both sides is private property so be there on the out tide.And were something under your waders because its cold.For the size of the creek it gets a lot of chum.I hope to see some fellow fly fisherman instead of a bunch of snaggers like on the skok and the quilcene.hope to see ya on sunday i will be there around 10:00 am so i can wade the river.GOOD LUCK ;-)
  2. hey i kind of live close by but never fish that area or inlet for fish where exactly is the creek mouth i know its in wauna past purdy but any directions would be cool. later Ben
  3. If you are coming from tacoma go across purdy bridge follow that road past a chevron and 76 gas stastions then turn after you pass those gas stations on creviston drive and follow that until you cross minter creek and two the right is the hatchery
    were you can park.If you are coming from the allen area take a right at the four way , opposit of the huckle berry restrant.
    The huckle berry is to the left at the four way and you want to go right and follow that road all the way to the hatchery on the left. sorry there not the best directions but they should get you there if you can get to key center or across the purdy bridge.GOOD LUCK , HOPE TO SEE YA ON SUNDAY.:9
  4. If you go to,go to Dept.of F&W, then fishing,shellfishing. Then news releases, then you will find the news release on Minter Creek. They have very good directions on how to get there. Since I'm one handed for a while all I can do is surf the web. I should be able to get out again in the middle of Nov. Jim S.:TT
  5. went to minter creek today and only saw 3 chum salmon and they were very spooky not a enough chums yet i am going to give it a week or two and then hit it hard.All the previouse years to this , during thanks giving day i would go down to minter creek and look at the salmon since my grandma and grandpa live a couple hundred yars up the hill from minter.And there was tons of chum salmon in mid to late november so give it a week or two and they should be in there good , but i would not go this coming week.I come from tacoma so i hope they do not blow up the bridge.:OO
  6. Fly15, How crowded was it out there? Its a beautiful spot, and I'd love to fish it, but I just can't stand the crowds.
  7. There were 2 guys leaving at 2:30pm and about 5 guys showed up around 3:00pm yesterday, if you can fish during the week
    espacialy in the morning before everyone gets off work there will probaly only be 1 or 2 other people there.If you go on the weekend after the chum start coming i would expect at least a dozen people.If you don't like crowds and you like to catch fish i would go in about two weeks in the morning or afternoon
    during the week.GOOD LUCK;-)

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