MMR - How Moderators must feel

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. I saw this and thought it might be how moderators feel at times. Weasels ripped my flesh.

    MMR is a new acronym for "Mostly Moderator Related"

  2. thats freakin awesome.
  3. Ha! It may give unnamed moderators otter flashbacks.
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  4. LOL!!! Damn, that is funny!!! Now we can add weasels to our list of vicious animals you'll find in the outdoors. Weasels... more deadly than wolves, cougars , otters or even beavers :D
  5. I think I'll have another Irish coffee.
  6. Make that two, Alex!

    Double shot please.
  7. I though the Scots didn't like the Irish, I was under the impression that the feud goes back about 800 years. But here we have a Scotsman drinking Irish coffee. Please can somebody explain this?
  8. Well we Scot's are not dumb we incorporate the best from what we find. Be it Irish or Spanish coffee, rugby or cute little skirts

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  9. Got a rat on my shoulder.

    As to the Scots vs Irish, we Swedes loved them all. Especially the Irish. So much so that we'd row great distances just to picnic with them.
  10. Oh Lord, deliver us from the lutefisk of the Northmen!!!

    BB-one of my ancestors was killed fighting the English alongside about a hundred of his men in Ireland, for the Gallowglas Levy; he was 86. It was us Scots who taught the Erieanach how to make whisky:D

    you've all heard the one about the 3 guys in the pub, an American, and Irishman, and a Scotsman? A fly lands in the American's beer, and he says "oh dear! There's a fly in my beer... WAITER!!". The Irishman looks at the fly and says "Ye fookin` beggar!", and the Scot picks up the fly out of the beer by the scruff of his neck and yells "SPIT IT OOT, YA BASTARD!".
  11. Lately most posts seem to go a bit south, but what the heck. In honor of my paternal patriarch Patrick McLaughlin, the following...

    Patrick hoisted his beer and said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, between the legs of me wife!"

    That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!

    He went home and told his wife, Mary, "I won the prize for the Best Toast of the night."

    She said, "Aye, did ye now? And what was your toast?"
    Patrick said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church beside me wife."

    "Oh, that is very nice indeed, Patty!" Mary said.

    The next day, Mary ran into one of Patrick's drinking buddies on the street Corner. The man chuckled leeringly and said, "Patrick won the prize the other night at The pub with a toast about you, Mary."

    She said, "Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised myself.
    You know, he's only been in there twice in the last four years. "Once I had to pull him by the ears to make him come, and the other time he fell asleep".
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  12. Feel like You are taking a shot my way...I'm watching you!
  13. Oh heck no.... it was sympathy for moderators who must feel the teeth of many problem weasels
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  14. Nah, we don't feel the teeth at all. We just beat them with a baseball bat if they start nipping. ;)
  15. Attack weasels is the last straw. I can handle cougars, bears, otters, rattle snakes and beavers but this attacking weasel thing is too much. I'm giving up going into the outdoors... it's just too damned dangerous!!!

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