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Discussion in 'Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. I know some of you can't make the event and still want to help. A great way to help us without being there is donating funds to help pay for the event.

    For those of you who are new to the board, or haven't heard of this event, here's a brief rundown.

    We run a no cost to the vets event where we cater to all their needs, the boats, etc for this event. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only event nationwide for PHWFF that doesn't make this a fundraiser event. All the other events charge a hefty entry fee. Most of the fees are usually paid by a sponsor for the vet. We want to keep our event totally free to them. But at same time, we try not to blow our whole budget as well. So, on my end, I drum up all the free boats I can, get as many donated guides as I can, then of course I cook all the food using my wholesale sources. But it's still pretty expensive. Thankfully, we've had very generous donations for prizes for the winners and for the overall expenses of the event the last two years.

    So if you feel like donating, there are two ways to do it. You can either send a check to me or paypal me. Paypal is always the easiest way. My paypal is If you want to send a check, my mailing address is

    Jerry Daschofsky
    25902 70th Avenue East
    Graham, WA 98338

    Thank you for your continuing support.
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  2. Oh, and PLEASE oh PLEASE including your real name and mailing address in the letter or the paypal. We will do an "in kind" donation form for you. :)
  3. Thanks. Have it Mr Boot.
  4. Since I can't help this great cause in person I have sent a donation.
  5. Check will hit the mailbox tomorrow. You are doing great work, Jerry.
  6. Great idea. Me and my boat can't participate this year, but me and my check book can. Not a lot, but I hope it helps.
  7. Hi Jerry
    The check is in the mail. And looking foward to helping out at the event.
  8. Do the folks donating the boats also donate (loan out) rods/reels/flies/gear?
  9. No, the participants provide their own gear. You just need your boat.
  10. We are a couple Weeks out. If you want to donate now would be a great time. Finalizing plans and expenses are being hammered out.
  11. Jerry, I'll mail a check Tuesday.
  12. Steve, thanks. But those who are there working I would rather not send monies (though I know alot of you have). It surely does help. But at same time, I don't like seeing people working there also paying. But is appreciated. I know last year we had an outpouring of funds. I'm hoping we get another outflow. :)
  13. Jerry, You can tell me I can't help out if you want.;) I sent some $ anyhow. Looking forward to the event. See ya in a couple of weeks.
  14. LOL Jeff. Ok, since I can't kick your ass, I'll just have to give you a big kiss. Maybe that'll scare others away from donating who are going to be working there. ;) LOL. And, I DO appreciate the donations, even from volunteers. I just feel bad when a volunteer is also tossing money into the event. Of course, not going to turn money away. :)
  15. Sir, last year I mentioned giving to PHWFF at work through our employee giving campaign because of the company match. I used the national Tax ID but I recall you saying donations could be focused locally. The campaign is starting up again. Could you please specify how to specify donations go to a local effort again? Thank You.
  16. I know donations can be earmarked through the PHWFF website for the NW Region. I'm assuming the same can be done through work. But not 100% sure. I just know that through the PHWFF website you can donate to a specific region.
  17. We are down to the last 2 weeks. I'll shut down donations as of Monday September 17th. Need time to deposit the funds (withdraw from paypal) and start buying up the food and supplies we need. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and you can still donate if you want to help out financially for this terrific event. :)
  18. Hi Jerry,
    I coordinated the free-coffee at this year's Sandy Spey Clave and would love to donate all the free coffee needed for this event. My wife will most likely be giving birth within the next week, so I will not be able to donate my time, but I can send you as much coffee, ground or whole bean as you foresee needing. Please send me a PM with what you want.

    Thanks for coordinating this great event.

  19. Sent you a message. Thanks dan
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