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  1. I recently went through the Bison Range and would love to return to fish Mission Creek and Jocko River.
    Loved the look of the water and looking for August or September. Would appreciate do(s) and don't(s).
    What do you think Old Man?
  2. Never heard of that water.Where about's in Montana are they. But if they are close to me I might try them out. In August and September the water is at your best wading.
  3. Old man......That's because you lived too long in western Washington.

    I worked in the area about five years ago. Asked about both streams, but did not fish them. I believe you need a tribal license to fish them.

    Send me a e-mail after you fish them.
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  4. Hi. I have fished both. Yes - a tribal license is required on the Jocko (and if I recall, Mission Creek also).

    I can PM you with some details
  5. I'll share this with the board - by the standards of that part of MT, there are quite a few rattlesnakes. Also, I am told by folks who would know that the section of the Jocko right near the Flathead has seen the invasion of some pike....
  6. It a good thing that I have a map of Montana laying around for me to get my hands on. I have found out where everything is at. Nope, never fished up there.
  7. That's ok old man.....I have lived in Washington state for 33 years and I still don't know where Redmond and Renton are located.

    But then again, there are no fish there.
  8. Cedar River = Renton .... :) ... check it out sometime.
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  9. theres no fish in there so dont bother adding it to your list
  10. When I lived there I had the greater Everett area pretty well scoped out. I tried to hit every creek, stream, river in that area. I fished a lot of skinny water. Some had fish and some had only little fish. But all were fun.

    If fly fishing was Work I wouldn't be doing it. I do it all for the fun of it.
  11. Ok, so where is Renton and the Cedar River? Isn't the Cedar the city of Seattle watershed and closed to public entry.

    Don't get me started on closing public land to public use.
  12. yes totally true, cedar river is always closed and it has no fish.
  13. Why do you guys tolerate the closure?? Bitch....raise holy hell. It's YOUR land.

    Using the city of Seattle rationale....close rattlesnake creek in Yakima County, Cle Elum River Watershed, Icicle Creek, and the entire Lake Chelan Watershed.

    Enough.....keep public land open.
  14. Sensitive subject, best not to talk about it, especially not while hijacking threads
  15. I rarely hear much talk about either. That means two things; either they're off the frigging charts and those in the know want to keep it that way, or it's a casting exercise...I suspect the latter.
  16. It only contains squawfish
  17. One day on a creek I won't name in Eastern WA I saw a really nice fish sipping emergers in a difficult to reach spot. After going way upstream, crossing, coming stealthily all the way back down and wading like a ninja into casting position I put a few casts over it. At last it rose, sipped my fly, and was indeed quite large as I'd expected. Within a few seconds something didn't seem right about the fight, though - as it should have been a rainbow. A minute or two later I was releasing an 18" squawfish.

    I don't think I'll be buying into the next frontier thing any time soon. Now, carp on the other hand, that's a friggin FIGHT.
  18. If you do fish the Jocko and/or any other streams on the Res, check with someone about stream access rules for the Kootenai-Salish/Flathead. Not sure if Montana's apply on Reservation streams and you don't want to inadvertently trespass.

  19. Way back in the late 1970's when I lived in Hot Springs, MT for a year, I fished both of these streams as well as a really good trout lake and several superb pike lakes on the rez. The Jocko is a very good small river with a very good population of Arlee strain rainbow in it, which is the same rainbow found in the famous Missouri blue ribbon stretch.

    I liked the stretch that borders the Moise Bison Range because very few folks bothered fishing that several mile stretch. Yes, you will see the ocasional rattlesnake, but nowhere near the number you will see along Oregon's Deschutes. You will find caddis, PMD's, Tricos, BWOs in good numbers during that time frame.

    The Jocko is not well known, likely because it is a small river that isn't suitable for floating in summer/fall and being on the rez. But it is good fishing. I know when I lived in Montana, several of the owners and employees of shops in Missoula fished the Jocko simply because doing so avoided the crowds and it was close to Missoula.

    Mission Creek is a small creek with limited access and an OK population of smallish rainbow and cutthroat. Mission Lake, into which is both flows into and out of, if much better fishing than the creek. You need a float tube or pontoon boat to fish it.

    A Tribal fishing permit is required for these waters because they are on reservation land. The permit isn't expensive.

    And if you wish to fish for monster pike in the lower Flathead River, you will need both a boat and a Tribal fishing permit.

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