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  1. ^For fucks sake man, that could have been sent in a PM. Why is it that speaking of WA waters is taboo but airing it all out about MT/ID/WY is ok around here? I do not get the hypocrisy that is so rampant here. I have been watching this thread hoping it will die and someone will not vomit about it like above.
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  2. FT, Thanks for the great info about these two areas. My gf is from Kalispel so we often head to this area in the summer and fall to visit family. We were given similar reports from fly shops in Missoula but have not yet given these waters serious consideration.
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  3. Good grief, nothing is secret anymore. All a person has to do is look on a map and go fish the squiggly blue lines, A lot of people won't travel far to fish.The people that I have come across here in Montana from Washington State have fished these water before I ever did.

  4. While it may be true that there are very few secrets left, Abomb makes a valid point. The first thing that came to mind when I read this thread was hypocrisy. There are less known waters in WA that is seems implicitly forbidden to mention on the public forum, an for good reason. Don't get me wrong, if someone wanted to come to my neck of the woods to fish and took the time to PM me, I would gladly steer them towards either one of the aforementioned waters, even to some out of the way spots to try on these waters and maybe even offer to go with them. While I admit there are no real secrets left, it's the fact that someone just blurts out the names of these less-crowded waters so that people don't even have to look on the map for a blue squiggly line is what I have problems with. I'm sure it has been discussed ad nauseam on this board about what should be an unwritten rule of not publicly naming less crowded local waters. Again, don't get me wrong. It's not like I don't want anyone fishing my local waters. I realize people want to come to Montana to fish for trout, I get it. I also realize they travel to get here and are only here for a short time. I'm glad to help out-PRIVATELY, in hopes that the favor is returned in the future. My hope is that no local, less known waters be named publicly whether it's WA, ID, MT, WY or anywhere for that matter.
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  5. Hmmm... someone asked about the Jocko and Mission Creek, I gave them a little bit of information on them, mentioned Mission lake (which the creek flows into and out of, mentioned the Lower Flathead River's big nothern pike, that there are some rattlesnakes along the Jocko, that you need a tribal fishing permit to fish them, and gave some of the flies that hatch at the time of year he will be there, and I "vomitted about it". Gee what would I be accused of if I had told him specific places to access the river and which runs I liked best?

    I have no problem telling folks where public access is on my local rivers and what flies might work. After that, they are on their own and need to rely on their water reading skills and experience with fishing for the fish found in the river.

    And as had been mentioned on this forum many times in the past, get out a map of Montana, find the blue squiggly lines, go fishing, and you have a very good probability of of catching fish.
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  6. I know those areas well and fish it every year.

    Pick up a Montana Gazateer and travel over there and explore.

    Discovering a new area on your own is great fun.

    Have fun!
  7. For shits sake who cares?? Not like this guy is going down there to hook em n cook em. FT spoke his mind about the fishing on the Joko and to me that's commendable, he didn't say what to use, where to go. For those that disagree...Guess what, there's no secret water anymore in fishing. Some peoples kids remind me of a trip I once took to catch 10lb rainbows... I did and for me catching a 10lb spawned out, wart headed hatchery fish with 3 eyes wasn't fishing. But that was his "secret area".

    If you like adventure, a seclusion from the destination streams in MT, the Joko is worth it. Life's to short to have secrets about a trout someone is going to catch and release.
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