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  1. Well, I waited too late to make my YNP camping reservations for the 1st of July, so it looks like July 27-August 1 or 2 there. They are booked until then, and I really prefer to stay in the park and need two tent sites. I am also going to Glacier to fish around there a little and hit the Big Hole for a couple of days of floating. The problem is, this is a low water year, so my question is will I be able to float the Big Hole? Should I plan the rest of the trip for before or after YNP? Any other recommendations?
  2. The last year that they closed the rivers down. It was a few years ago. They were closed down in the afternoon, but not in the morning. Don't know if this will help. But the river's now are not as high as they were at this time last year. Most of the snow is gone on the mountains.

    It's anybody's guess as how they will be in late July or August..
  3. Thanks, OMJ. Just booked YNP for July 25-31, so will probably do most of the rest of trip before that. Maybe I'll see you over there.
  4. You never can tell. I wander all over the place. I went out for a look see last Sunday. I was going to fish some small skinny water. But they were running down hill mighty fast and high. So all I did was explore. I ended up on the Big Hole about at the Dicky Bridge Rec Area. I checked out Bryant Creek, Pettengill Creek, and Canyon Creek. All good looking water. Heard a few things about Pettengill, I sure want to try after the water comes down.
  5. You should be fine with water's not that low a water year.
  6. Not yet it isn't. The rivers are way below the levels that they were at last year. Buy August if it stays hot there won't be to much water running down hill.

    I'll show you some pictures of 2011 at Clark Canyon Reservoir. I didn't take any pictures this year but you should get a idea what the water levels are going to be come July and August.

    This year the water levels are way down. The water on the Picnic area is about 50 to 70 feet below from that spot. Everything that was under water is high and dry this year. These pictures were taken at about the same time in 2011. I believe that they will be shutting down the river this year because of lack of water.

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  7. Jim, are you saying that a normal water year is when the lake picnic areas are underwater?
  8. The High water in the Reservoir might of been a fluke year. There are four islands on that lake. Last summer you could of walked to two of them. After this last winter the lake didn't fill up like it usually does.Two of those islands are just land with no water around them. You look up to the Continental Divide and there is no snow on them. Just a few patches here and there.

    I believe that in my area there will be closed areas this summer. Some of the smaller creeks are already dried up. These are the ones that dry up every summer. It's is just early for them.

    We have been getting lots of rain lately. But the ground just soaks it up.
  9. Sounds like this is going to be one of those years that the Jefferson gets de-watered from the diversion dam just above the hwy bridge down to Caldwell where the North Boulder's spring creek flow joins it.

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