Montana or Oregon?

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  1. Hi folks, I'm looking to get into some new waters and possibly get a little sunshine on the week of October 31st. I've kind of settled on heading into Montana (Blackfoot) or Oregon (Crooked river). I'll just be wading, no tubes or boats. Which destination would you folks suggest? I've heard pretty amazing stuff about both rivers, so any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Solitude and scenery are almost as important as actually catching fish to me, so I'm leaning a little towards the Crooked as I've heard that the Blackfoot is under pretty constant high angling pressure. I'm planning on camping too, so any perspective on good spots to sleep would be great too.
  2. The Crooked can also be crowded... but probably not at the end of October. The section below the dam where you can access the river is fairly limited in distance but a lot of anglers switch to hunting or steelhead in October. I don't know anything about the Blackfoot so I can't really compare the two.

    There are campgrounds near the dam on the Crooked but as far as scenery goes... I guess if you like the sage brush scenery of the Deschutes you'd like the scenery on the Crooked... the Crooked is basically a small Deschutes. I'm more of a tree guy myself.

    There's trout and whitefish in the Crooked so chances are, you'll catch something.
  3. If you can't find solitude on a river/stream in MT at the end of October you're probably doing it wrong. I can't comment on the Blackfoot specifically, but there are MANY MANY MANY places you'll have all to yourself. Two weeks ago I was back home in the Gallatin Valley (Bozeman) and fished two days on water right out of town and didn't see another person on the river either day in 6hrs of fishing each time.

    GAT nailed it...lots of folks switch up to hunting this time of year.
  4. You will have the greater probability of good weather on the Crooked that time of year. Take some green rockworm caddis patterns if you go.

  5. Also the blackfoot tribs will be good streamer fishing and offer tons of solitude.
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  6. I don't know shit about the crooked river but I do know you'll have a better time in Montana.

    Fall+Streamers+Baetis+Big Browns= Greatness
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  7. If you're into scenery, there's no doubt about that. I live much closer to the Crooked then any Montana streams but if I had the choice, I'd go with someplace in Montana.

    The Crooked is okay for an off season Oregon trout fishery but it really can't compare to trout fisheries in Montana.
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  8. If your coming to Montana, don't hold out for a lot of sun shining. It's the wrong time of the year for that. I would just hope for no snow.
  9. I have fished the Crooked a few times and can tell you that it flows through a beautiful canyon and the fishing is very good right now. The BWO hatches will last all afternoon on an overcast day with fish rising everywhere. The downside is that the fish are small and the water is murky. As far as camping goes, there are several campgrounds along the river below the dam with campsites right on the river. I have never fished the Blackfoot so can't help you there, but Montana in general has many rivers that offer as good or better fishing and larger fish than the Crooked. If you are inclined to catch lots of small fish in a nice setting then the Crooked is a good option and the weather at the end of October will probably be a little nicer than in Montana.
  10. I recently returned from being in the Yellowstone area for the month of September. The beginning of the month was fine in terms of weather, but by the last week, we got snowed on 3 times. If you go to Montana, plan on cold and like OM says, hope it does not snow.

    Dr Bob
  11. I'm gonna be over for 2 weeks and I want snow !!!!! Hello Mr. Brown Trout !!!
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  12. Thanks for all of the info guys! Sounds like Montana is the place to be. I won't hold out too hard for sumny weather. As a PNWer, I start getting a little crazy when the 9 months of rain starts approaching. Not quite ready for the summer season to be over, but I am ready to catch catch some fish in new water.
  13. Take your rain gear and be willing to fish wet. MT is a roll of the dice at the end of September. I'd say by the last week of Oct plan on being wet. Take a big tarp, make your camp dry. I'm not saying it's not good in Oct, it really is! But, the Indian Summer is definitely over. You probably won't see another person if you fish the right spots.
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  14. You're more likely to get snow than rain in western MT that time of the year. As a kid, I remember being in a snow suit for Halloween most years. It will likely be coldish and you'll probably get snow at least some of the time. The fishing should be great! Plan for pretty much any weather condition and you'll be fine. ;)
  15. I fished today here in Montana. Got one RB about 14" and one about 8" So much for my favorite place. Had five take downs also.

    Stopped on the Beaverhead at Pipe Organ access. The fish were feeding on something, but not my flies. Probably on emergers. To lazy to tie one on. Going back tomorrow with a few of them. It's frustrating when they don't hit what your throwing out there.
  16. We just got back from Henry's Fork on Monday... COLD, so if you're camping, plan on it being really nippy.
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  17. I love that first snow fishing trip. Last year I hit Rock Creek in 8" of fresh snow in early November. It was so quiet and pleasant that I didn't care that I was nymphing the whole time. The tough part was finding a safe parking spot for my VW Golf.
  18. Have they been having problems at RC with car break-in? In all the years I fished MT, I never hear of any issues along that line.
  19. Nope, that only happens in Missoula. RC doesn't get methy. I was referring to getting stuck in the snow.
  20. Ah hell, the VW was raised in the snow and back-country roads of Germany...could probably use it to pull some F250's out of a jam. Montana has a reputation for unexplained disappearances of tweakers and riff-raft... lots of wide open spaces ;).
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